Obstetric Hematology Manual

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Edition 02
Author Pavord & Hunt
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Understand the rapidly growing complexities of obstetric hematology and high-risk pregnancy management, with experts in the field. Now in its second edition, this comprehensive and essential guide focuses on providing the best support for patients and clinical staff, to prevent serious complications in pregnancy and the post-partum period for both mother and baby. Wide-ranging and detailed, the guide offers discussions on basic principles of best care, through to tackling lesser-known hematological conditions, such as cytopenias and hemoglobinopathies. Updated with color illustrations, cutting-edge research, accurate blood film reproductions, and practical case studies, the revised edition places invaluable advice into everyday context. This unique resource is essential reading for trainees and practitioners in obstetrics, anesthesia, and hematology, as well as midwives, nurses, and laboratory staff. Clarifying difficult procedures for disease prevention, the guide ensures safety when the stakes are high. Reflecting current evidence-based guidelines, the updated volume is key to improving pregnancy outcomes worldwide.

Short Description
Fully-updated new edition of the essential guide to managing hematological conditions, affecting mother and baby during pregnancy and post-partum.

Table of Contents
Part I. Physiological Changes in Pregnancy: 1. Normal cellular changes during pregnancy and the puerperium Margaret Ramsay; 2. Normal coagulation changes during pregnancy Rachel Rayment; Part II. Cytopenia: 3. Iron deficiency in pregnancy Xiao Yin Zhang and Sue Pavord; 4. Vitamin B12 and folate deficiencies in pregnancy Alesia Khan and Susan Robinson; 5. Autoimmune cytopenias in pregnancy Hamish Lyall and Bethan Myers; Part III. Inherited Red Cell Disorders: 6. Management of sickle cell disease in pregnancy Karyn Longmuir and Jo Howard; 7. Management of thalassemias in pregnancy Farrukh Shah; 8. Screening for hemoglobinopathies Shirley Henderson and Josh Wright; 9. Management of other inherited red cell disorders in pregnancy Noemi Roy and Sue Pavord; Part IV. Fetal Maternal Alloimmune Syndromes: 10. Fetal/neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia Mike Murphy; 11. Red cell alloimmunization Alec McEwan; Part V. Thromboembolism and Anticoagulation: 12. Acute management of suspected thromboembolic disease in pregnancy Andrew Thompson, Beverley Hunt and Ian Greer; 13. Thromboprophylaxis in pregnancy Anna Lawen-O'Brien and Catherine Nelson-Piercy; 14. Management of prosthetic heart valves in pregnancy Claire McLintock; 15. Management of anticoagulants at delivery Christina Oppenheimer, Paul Sharpe and Andrew Ling; Part VI. Thrombophilia and Fetal Loss: 16. Antiphospholipid syndrome Sue Pavord, Bethan Myers, Savino Sciascia and Beverley Hunt; 17. Inherited thrombophilia and pregnancy loss Luuk Scheres, Isobel Walker and Saskia Middeldorp; Part VII. Hemorrhagic Disorders: 18A Management of obstetric hemorrhage: obstetric management Annette Briley and Susan Bewley; 18B. Management of obstetric hemorrhage: anesthetic management Catherine Collinson and Arlene Wise; 18C. Management of obstetric hemorrhage: hemostatic management Peter Collins and Rachel Collis; 18D. Management of obstetric hemorrhage: radiological management Narayan Karunanithy; 19. Management of inherited disorders of primary hemostasis in pregnancy Carolyn Millar and Sue Pavord; 20. Management of inherited coagulopathies in pregnancy Sue Pavord; 21. Genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis of congenital bleeding disorders Nikki Curry and Andrew Mumford; Part VIII. Micrangiopathies: 22. Preeclampsia Eleftheria Lefkou and Beverley Hunt; 23. Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and other microangiopathies in pregnancy Pat O'Brien and Marie Scully; Part IX. Malignant Conditions: 24. Myelproliferative neoplasms and pregnancy Susan Robinson and Claire Harrison; 25. Management of acute haematological malignancy in pregnancy Sahra Ali and Gill Swallow; 26. Late effects of chemo-radiotherapy on fertility and pregnancy Seonaid Pye and Nina Salooja.