Neurocritical Care Essentials: A Practical Guide

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Author Sekhon & Griesdale
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This practical new resource uses a highly visual approach to summarise and simplify neurocritical care topics which can often seem daunting in their complexity. Diagrams, flowcharts, figures and tables highlight the main principles of disease pathophysiology, diagnosis and management, giving an easy-to-understand insight into this new and exciting field of medicine. Numerous high-quality radiographic images demonstrate the neuroimaging of neurological and neurosurgical diseases, and overviews of major clinical trials and studies provide an evidence-based perspective. Incorporating a full grounding in the fundamentals of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and examination, and summaries of key points and suggested reading for each chapter, this book is a concise yet thorough reference for all those working in neurocritical care. Ideal for both trainees and specialists in neurology, neurosurgery, intensive care, anaesthesiology, emergency medicine and internal medicine.

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Uses a highly visual approach to summarise and simplify complex neurocritical care topics, providing a concise yet thorough reference.

Table of Contents
Foreword Arun K. Gupta; Foreword David K. Menon; Acknowledgments; List of ab
eviations; Part I. Fundamentals of Neurocritical Care: 1. Neuroanatomy; 2. Essential neurophysiology; 3. Neurological examination; 4. Neuroimaging; 5. Neuromonitoring; Part II. Neurosurgical Critical Care: 6. Severe traumatic
ain injury; 7. Subarachnoid hemorrhage; 8. Intracranial hemorrhage; 9. Spinal cord injury; 10. Hydrocephalus; Part III. Neurological Critical Care: 11. Ischemic stroke; 12. Status epilepticus; 13. Neuromuscular disorders; 14. Anoxic
ain injury; 15. Central nervous system infections; 16. Cere
al venous sinus thrombosis; 17. Cere
al vasculitis; 18. Sodium disorders; 19. Autonomic dysfunction; 20. Neurological complications of systemic disorders; 21. Central nervous system toxicology; Index.