Ethics, Medicine, & Information Technology: Intelligent...

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Item#: 9781107624733
Edition 01
Author Goodman, Kenneth
Cover Paperback

Information technology is transforming the practices of medicine, nursing, and biomedical research. Computers can now render diagnoses and prognoses more accurately than humans. The concepts of privacy and confidentiality are evolving as data moves from paper to silicon to clouds. Big data promises financial wealth, as well as riches of information and benefits to science and public health. Online access and mobile apps provide patients with an unprecedented connection to their health and health records. This transformation is as unsettling as it is exhilarating. This unique new book is essential for anyone who uses computers in health care, biomedical research or public health, and cares about the ethical issues that arise in their work. With chapters spanning issues from professionalism and quality to mobile health and bioinformatics, it establishes what will become the \"core curriculum\" in ethics and health informatics, a growing field which encourages truly inter- and multidisciplinary inquiry.

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Essential for anyone who uses computers in clinical practice and cares about the ethical issues that arise in their work.

Table of Contents
1. Information technologies and twenty-first-century clinical practice: ethics and the electronic health record; 2. Ancient professions and intelligent machines: the ethical challenge of computational decision support; 3. Health privacy, data protection, and trust; 4. Professionalism, programming, and pedagogy; 5. Safety, standards, and interoperability; 6. The e-Health industry: markets, vendors and regulators; 7. Digital health: ubiquitous, virtual, remote, robotic; 8. Biomedical research from genomes to populations: big data and the growth of knowledge; Appendix A. AMIA's Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct; Appendix B. The IMIA Code of Ethics for Health Information Professionals; References; Index.