Acute Medicine: A Symptom-Based Approach

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Item#: 9781107633575
Edition 01
Author Haydock Et Al (Eds)
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This practical book describes the basic science, clinical presentation and management of the 67 common acute medical presentations stipulated in the Royal College of Physicians syllabus for Core Medical Training and Acute Core Common Stem. • Case scenarios are included for each presentation, and guidance about management is offered in the context of national guidelines and important studies. • Experienced clinicians describe their approach to common difficult problems and explain the answers to questions often asked on the ward round by successive generations of trainees. • Chapters highlight key decisions that need to be made early, common misunderstandings, and risks. • Detailed discussion provides an understanding of the rationale, allowing the reader to apply their knowledge to other situations. • Guidance is provided on urgency of referral, safe ambulatory management, and when to seek specialist help. This is an essential resource that provides readers with the knowledge base to practise as a confident medical registrar.

Short Description
This book covers all 67 acute medical presentations specified by the Royal College of Physicians for training in acute and general medicine.

Table of Contents
Introduction - presentations to acute medicine Carla Davies; 1. Abdominal mass/hepatosplenomegaly David Tate; 2. Abdominal pain Stephen Haydock and G. Walker; 3. Abdominal swelling and constipation Charlotte Rutter; 4. Abnormal sensation Edward Fathers; 5. Acute back pain Luke Gompels; 6. Acute kidney injury (AKI) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) Duncan Whitehead; 7. Aggressive/disturbed behaviour Stephen Haydock; 8. Alcohol and substance dependence Gillian Sims and Stephen Haydock; 9. Anaphylaxis Jonathan Hills; 10. Anxiety/panic disorder Stephen Haydock; 11. Blackout/collapse: cardiac pacemakers Stephen Haydock; 12. Breathlessness Robert A. Stone; 13. Bruising and spontaneous bleeding Julia Czuprynska; 14. Cardio-respiratory arrest Zoe Fritz; 15. Chest pain Stuart Walker; 16. Confusion/acute delirium Peter M. F. Campbell; 17. Cough Robert A. Stone; 18. Dialysis Duncan Whitehead and Stephen Haydock; 19. Diarrhoea Iftikhar Ahmed and Emma Greig; 20. Dyspepsia Paul D. Thomas; 21. Dysuria Satish Thomas William; 22. Falls Lucy Pollock; 23. Fever Daniel E. Greaves and Sani H. Aliyu; 24. Fits and seizures Christopher J. S. Price; 25. Genital discharge and genital ulceration Satish Thomas William; 26. Haematemesis and melaena Gareth Corbett and Ewen Cameron; 27. Haematuria Duncan Whitehead; 28. Haemoptysis Marko Nikolic and Jonathan Fuld; 29. Head injury Cliff Mann; 30. Headache Stephen Haydock; 31. Hoarseness and stridor Marko Nikolic and Jonathan Fuld; 32. Hypothermia Mohamed Yousuf; 33. Immobility Matthew R. Hayman, Cally Williamson and Stephen Haydock; 34. Incidental findings Stephen Haydock; 35. Involuntary movements Mark Fish; 36. Jaundice Jane Chalmers and Rudi Matull; 37. The swollen joint Catherine Laversuch; 38. Unilateral limb pain and swelling Stephen Haydock; 39. Loin pain Duncan Whitehead and Stephen Haydock; 40. Lymphadenopathy Deepak Mannari; 41. Medical complications during acute illness and following surgical procedures Zoe Fritz; 42. Medical problems in pregnancy Nic Wenninke; 43. Micturition difficulties Duncan Whitehead; 44. Memory loss (progressive) Matthew R. Hayman; 45. Neck pain Catherine Laversuch; 46. End of life care Marianne Tinkler; 47. Palpitations Darshan H. Brahmbhatt and Peter J. Pugh; 48. Poisoning Stephen Haydock; 49. Polydipsia and polyuria: water and sodium homeostasis, hypo- and hypernatraemia John Kalk; 50. Polydipsia and polyuria: the patient presenting with polydipsia and/or polyuria Stephen Haydock and John Kalk; 51. Pruritus Penny Williams; 52. Rash Pawel Bogucki; 53. Physical symptoms in absence of organic disease Marguerite Paffard; 54. Rectal bleeding Stephen Haydock and G. Walker; 55. Sepsis Andrew Thompson; 56. The shocked patient Kobus Preller; 57. Skin and mouth ulcers Pawel Bogucki and Tony Coll; 58. Speech disturbance Rob Whiting and Stephen Haydock; 59. Suicidal ideation Marguerite Paffard; 60. Swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) Iftikhar Ahmed and Rudi Matull; 61. Collapse/blackout Mark Dayer; 62. The unconscious patient Christopher Westall and Kobus Preller; 63. Unsteadiness and balance disturbance Edward Fathers; 64. Visual disturbance Kate R. Petheram and Chris Allen; 65. Vomiting and nausea Emma Greig; 66. Weakness and paralysis Kate R. Petheram, Chris Allen and Rob Whiting; 67. Weight loss Emma Greig; Index.