Dizziness: A Practical Approach... With Downloadable Video

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Item#: 9781107663909
Edition 02
Author Bronstein & Lempert
Cover Paperback
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Dizzy patients are notoriously difficult to diagnose as doctors require knowledge spanning several subspecialties, including neurology, otolaryngology, internal medicine and psychiatry. This updated second edition integrates the essential information from these fields, providing advice that is both practical and accessible. Beginning with two jargon-free chapters on anatomy, physiology and examination techniques, the book follows a coherent structure organized according to clinical presentations, such as recurrent vertigo, positional vertigo and chronic dizziness. Each chapter is summarized with a table showing diagnoses and their key features, ensuring that the relevant differential diagnoses are readily available. Access to more than sixty online video clips is included, illustrating bedside findings from pathological nystagmus to specific balance problems. With practical advice offered for a range of difficult clinical situations, this comprehensive guide will enable any doctor to feel confident when confronted with dizzy patients.

Short Description
This book provides essential information from neurology, otolaryngology and psychiatry to diagnose and treat dizzy patients, summarized by two world experts.

Table of Contents
1. Essential anatomy and functions of the balance system; 2. Symptoms and examination of the patient with vertigo and dizziness; 3. A single episode of prolonged dizziness; 4. Recurrent vertigo and dizziness; 5. Positional vertigo; 6. Chronic dizziness and unsteadiness; 7. Dizziness, imbalance and falls in the elderly; 8. Treatment of the dizzy patient.