Anesthesia & Perioperative Care Of The High-Risk Patient

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Item#: 9781107690578
Edition 03
Author Mcconachie, Ian (Ed)
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The fully updated third edition of this popular handbook provides a concise summary of perioperative management of high-risk surgical patients. Written by an international group of senior clinicians, chapters retain the practical nature of previous editions, with concise text in a bulleted format offering rapid access to key facts and advice. Several new chapters cover topics including: anesthetic mortality; cardiopulmonary exercise testing; perioperative optimization; obstructive sleep apnea and obesity hypoventilation syndrome; smoking, alcohol and recreational drug abuse; intraoperative ventilatory management; the role of simulation in managing the high-risk patient; anesthesia, surgery and palliative care; anesthesia and cancer surgery; neurotrauma and other high-risk neuro cases; anesthesia for end-stage renal and liver disease; and transplant patients. Essential reading for trainee anesthesiologists managing seriously ill patients during surgery or studying for postgraduate examinations, this is also a valuable refresher for anesthesiologists and intensivists looking for an update on the latest evidence-based care.

Short Description
A concise summary of perioperative management of high-risk surgical patients,
idging the gap between the operating theatre and ICU.

Table of Contents
Foreword; Preface; Ab
eviations; 1. Risk and risk assessment A. Howie and A. Adams; 2. Perioperative mortality and cardiac arrest D. Bain
idge and D. Cheng; 3. Assessment of cardiac disease G. B. Flood and L. Fleisher; 4. Cardiopulmonary exercise testing M. West, L. Loughney, S. Jack and M. P. W. Grocott; 5. Perioperative cardiovascular medication management C. Railton; 6. Perioperative optimization I. McConachie; 7. Respiratory risk and assessment J. Cooke, A. Schlachter and M. Yoder; 8. Anemia, blood transfusion and coagulopathy A. Cave; 9. Diabetes M. Banasch and I. McConachie; 10. The obese or thin patient P. M. Singh, N. Ludwig, I. McConachie and A. C. Sinha; 11. Obstructive sleep apnea and obesity hypoventilation syndrome E. H. L. Chau, J. Wong and F. Chung; 12. Smoking, alcohol and recreational drug abuse G. Evans; 13. Intraoperative ventilatory management R. Blank, L. R. Rochlen and J. M. Blum; 14. Analgesia for the high-risk patient M. Pariser and C. Clarke; 15. Regional anesthesia for the high-risk patient J. Brookes and S. Dhir; 16. Postoperative deterioration J. Vergel de Dios and I. McConachie; 17. Acute kidney injury in surgical patients R. Kishen; 18. The role of simulation in managing the high-risk patient M. Chin and A. Antoniou; 19. Anesthesia, surgery and palliative care V. Schulz, C. Smyth and G. Jarvis; 20. The high-risk or critically ill patient in the OR I. McConachie; 21. The elderly patient C. H. Brown, IV and F. Sieber; 22. The patient with cardiac disease undergoing non-cardiac surgery Z. Zafirova; 23. Vascular surgery M. McFarling and I. Bruni; 24. Gastrointestinal surgery S. Patel; 25. Anesthesia and cancer surgery M. Koutra and A. Mcleod; 26. Neurotrauma and other high-risk neurosurgical cases P. Cowie and P. J. D. Andrews; 27. Anesthesia for end stage renal and liver disease S. Morrison and C. Harle; 28. Transplant patients A. Dhir and A. Suphathamwit; Index.