Prescriber's Guide - Children & Adolescents: Vol 1: Stahls..

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Child and adolescent psychopharmacology is a rapidly growing field with psychotropic medications used widely in the treatment of this patient group. However, psychopharmacological treatment guidelines used for adults cannot simply be applied for children or adolescents, thus presenting clinicians and nurse practitioners with assessment and prescribing challenges. Based on the best-selling resource Stahl's Prescriber's Guide, this new book provides a user-friendly step-by-step manual on the range of psychotropic drugs prescribed for children and adolescents by clinicians and nurse practitioners. Reviewed by expert child and adolescent psychiatrists, the medications are presented in the same design format in order to facilitate rapid access to information. Each drug is
oken down into a number of sections, each designated by a unique color background thereby clearly distinguishing information presented on therapeutics, safety and tolerability, dosing and use, what to expect, special populations, and the art of psychopharmacology, and followed by key references.

Short Description
Presents a user-friendly step-by-step manual on the psychotropic drugs prescribed for children and adolescents by clinicians and nurse practitioners.

Table of Contents
Introduction; List of icons; 1. Amphetamine (d); 2. Amphetamine (d,l); 3. Aripiprazole; 4. Asenapine; 5. Atomoxetine; 6. Bupropion; 7. Chlorpromazine; 8. Citalopram; 9. Clomipramine; 10. Clonidine; 11. Clozapine; 12. Duloxetine; 13. Escitalopram; 14. Fluoxetine; 15. Fluphenazine; 16. Fluvoxamine; 17. Guanfacine; 18. Haloperidol; 19. Lisdexamfetamine; 20. Lithium; 21. Lurasidone; 22. Methylphenidate (d); 23. Methylphenidate (d,l); 24. Olanzapine; 25. Paliperidone; 26. Paroxetine; 27. Pimozide; 28. Quetiapine; 29. Risperidone; 30. Sertraline; 31. Trazodone; 32. Valproate; 33. Venlafaxine; Index by drug name; Index by use; Index by class; Ab