Developing & Enhancing Teamwork In Organizations

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Praise for Developing and Enhancing Teamwork in Organizations "Few questions are more vital and important than teamwork, in an increasingly interdependent and connected world. This volume is a unique and essential reference for managers, scholars and anyone interested in enhancing team performance. The combination of vivid real-world examples with thoughtful evidence-based frameworks will make a lasting contribution to the study and practice of team-based management."—John Boudreau, Professor of Management and Organization, USC Marshall School of Business"Excellent practice insights from leading practitioners and academics. A valuable contribution to our knowledge concerning how to create and manage teams."—Ed Lawler, Director of Center for Effective Organizations

Table of Contents
Foreword xiiiThe Editors xvThe Contributors xviiPart 1: Why Teamwork Matters in Organizations 1 <
/>1 Teamwork in Financial Institutions—Does It Really Matter? 3 <
/>Michael J. Castellana, CEO, SEFCU2 Do Teams’ Leaders Really Matter? 6 <
/>COL Casey Haskins, U.S. Military Academy, West Point3 Teamwork Matters 11 <
/>Peter J. Pronovost, Johns Hopkins University4 Making a Difference with Health Care Teams 13 <
/>Victor V. Buzachero, Scripps Health5 Developing Leaders on Any Team 17 <
/>George O’Leary, Head Football Coach, University of Central Florida6 Teamwork and Spaceflight—An Evolving Relationship 22 <
/>Daniel W. Tani, Astronaut, NASAPart 2: Th e Organization and Its Influence 25 1 Silent Killers of Team Performance: How Honest, Collective, and Public Conversations Can Overcome Them 27 <
/>Michael Beer, Harvard Business School and TruePoint2 How Organizational Process Maturity Improved Software Team Performance 48 <
/>Bill Curtis, CAST Software3 Leading a Team to a Major Technological Development 85 <
/>Kazem Rassouli, University of Toronto, Rotman School of ManagementPart 3: The Team Leaders 119 4 Building Great Leadership Teams for Complex Problems 121 <
/>Ruth Wageman, Harvard University5 Developing High-Impact Teams to Lead Strategic Change 154 <
/>Kate Beatty and Roland B. Smith, Center for Creative Leadership6 Leading Executive Teams: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 182 <
/>Susan R. Meisinger, Society for Human Resource Management7 Leading from the Helm: Lessons from America’s Cup Sailing Teams 208 <
/>Mark A. Clark, American UniversityPart 4: The Organizational Context 237 8 Virtual Teams: The How To’s of Making “Being Virtually There” Successful 239 <
a J. Cohen and Alexander Alonso, Society for Human Resource Management9 Trust and Conflict at a Distance: How Can I Improve Relational Outcomes in Distributed Work Groups? 268 <
/>Jeanne Wilson, The College of William and Mary10 Teamwork Improvement in Health Care: A Decade of Lessons Learned Every Organization Should Know 298 <
/>Sandra A. Almeida, MD, LLC, Healthcare Consulting, Heidi King, TRICARE Management Activity, and<
/>Mary L. Salisbury, The Cedar Institute, Inc.11 Why Teamwork Matters: Enabling Health Care Team Effectiveness for the Delivery of High-Quality Patient Care 331 <
/>Joanne Lyubovnikova, Aston University, and Michael A. West, Lancaster University12 Rethinking Team Diversity Management: Evidence-Based Strategies for Coping with Diversity Threats 373 <
/>Mirko Antino, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Ramón Rico, Universidad AutonOma de Madrid,<
/>Miriam Sánchez-Manzanares, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and Dora C. Lau, Chinese University of<
/>Hong Kong13 High Performance in Temporally Separated Team Work 406 <
/>J. Alberto Espinosa, Kogod School of Business, American UniversityPart 5: Th e Assessments, Applications, and Interventions for Teams 439 14 Designing, Delivering, and Evaluating Team Training in Organizations: Principles That Work 441 <
/>Megan E. Gregory, Jennifer Feitosa, Tripp Driskell, and Eduardo Salas, Department of Psychology,<
/>Institute for Simulation and Training, University of Central Florida, and William Brandon Vessey, EASI/Wyle, NASA Johnson Space Center15 Conducting Team De
iefings That Work: Lessons from Research and Practice 488 <
/>Scott I. Tannenbaum, Rebecca L. Beard, and Christopher P. Cerasoli, Group for Organizational Effectiveness, Inc.16 Achieving Optimal Team Composition for Success 520 <
/>John E. Mathieu, University of Connecticut, Scott I. Tannenbaum, Jamie S. Donsbach, and George M. Alliger, Group for Organizational Effectiveness, Inc.17 How, When, and Why You Should Measure Team Performance 552 <
/>Kimberly A. Smith-Jentsch, Mary Jane Sierra, and Christopher William Wiese, University of<
/>Central Florida18 Team Time Management: Psychological Insights for Timely Project Performance 581 <
/>Josette M.P. Gevers and Christel G. Rutte, Einhoven University of Technology, Netherlands19 Five Simple Processes That Improve High-Risk Team Effectiveness 609 <
/>Michaela Kolbe, ETH Zurich, SwitzerlandPart 6: Summary 645 20 Enhancing the Practice of Teamwork in Organizations: Emerging Themes 647 <
/>Stephanie Zajac and Eduardo Salas, University of Central FloridaName Index 661Subject Index 680