Companion Animal Ethics

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Author Sandoe, Peter Et Al.
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Companion Animal Ethicsexplores the important ethical questions and problems that arise as a result of humans keeping animals as companions.The first comprehensive book dedicated to ethical and welfare concerns surrounding companion animalsScholarly but still written in an accessible and engaging styleConsiders the idea of animal companionship and why it should matter ethicallyExplores problems associated with animals sharing human lifestyles and homes, such as obesity, behavior issues, selective
eeding, over-treatment, abandonment, euthanasia and environmental impactsOffers insights into practical ways of improving ethical standards relating to animal companions

Table of Contents
Foreword viiAcknowledgements ixIntroduction 11 History of Companion Animals and the Companion Animal Sector 82 The Development and Role of the Veterinary and Other Professions in Relation to Companion Animals 243 Human Attachment to Companion Animals 414 Companion Animal Welfare 585 Theories of Companion Animal Ethics 736 Breeding and Acquiring Companion Animals 897 Selective Breeding 1038 Feeding and the Problem of Obesity 1179 Companion Animal Training and Behavioural Problems 13210 Routine Neutering of Companion Animals 15011 Performing Convenience Surgery: Tail Docking, Ear Cropping, Debarking and Declawing 16912 Treating Sick Animals and End-of-Life Issues 18613 Unwanted and Unowned Companion Animals 20114 Ethics and Broader Impacts of Companion Animals 21715 Other Companions 23516 Companion Animals and the Future 252Index 269