Mentorship In Academic Medicine

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Item#: 9781118446027
Edition 01
Author Straus & Sackett
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Mentorship in Academic Medicineis an evidence-based guide for establishing and maintaining successful mentoring relationships for both mentors and mentees.

Drawing upon the existing evidence-base on academic mentoring in medicine and the health sciences, it applies a case-stimulus learning approach to the common challenges and opportunities in mentorship in academic medicine. Each chapter begins with cases that take the reader into the evidence around specific issues in mentorship and provides actionable messages and recommendations for both correcting and preventing the problems presented in the cases.

Accompanying the text is an interactive, online learning resource on mentorship. This e-tool provides updated resources for mentors and mentees, including video clips and podcasts with effective mentors who share their mentorship tips and strategies for effective mentorship. It also provides updated departmental and institutional strategies for establishing, running, and evaluating effective mentoring programs.

Mentorship in Academic Medicine
provides useful strategies and tactics for overcoming the common problems and flaws in mentoring programs and fostering productive and successful mentoring relationships and is a valuable guide for both mentors and mentees.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vii

Introduction ix

Chapter 1: What is the evidence for mentorship? 1

Chapter 2: What are the characteristics and behaviors of effective mentors and mentees? 11

Chapter 3: How can you initiate mentorship? 25

Chapter 4.1: Some effective mentoring strategies and tactics 35

Part 1: Mentorship meetings, priority setting, and time-management 35

Chapter 4.2: Some effective mentoring strategies and tactics 50

Part 2: Protecting mentees from ‘‘dys-opportunities’’ 50

Chapter 4.3: Some effective mentoring strategies and tactics 72

Part 3: Mentoring for knowledge generation 72

Chapter 4.4: Some effective mentoring strategies and tactics 87

Part 4: Mentoring for knowledge dissemination 87

Chapter 4.5: Some effective mentoring strategies and tactics 99

Part 5: Mentoring for promotion, protection, and job prospects 99

Chapter 5: How can you assess, diagnose, and treat mentorship that is in trouble? 110

Chapter 6: How can you initiate and maintain a mentorship progam? 119

Chapter 7: How can you evaluate the impact of a mentorship program? 133

Chapter 8: How can you scale up and sustain a mentorship program? 148

Index 153