Nutrition & Disease Management ... Technicians & Nurses

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Item#: 9781118509272
Edition 02
Author Wortinger, Ann & Burns, Kara
Cover Paperback
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Nutrition and Disease Management for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses, Second Editionoffers a thorough update and significant expansion of this easy-to-use introduction to veterinary nutrition and diet, with
oader species coverage, a new section on nutritional management of disease, and many new chapters.<
/>• Provides a complete reference to veterinary nutrition, from the fundamentals to feeding companion animals of any age and health status<
/>• Adds information on nutrition in birds, small mammals, and horses to the existing dog and cat coverage<
/>• Presents a new section on managing disease through nutrition, with 10 new disease chapters<
/>• Offers additional new chapters on nutritional calculations, types of pet foods, raw food diets, additives and preservatives, nutrition myths, nutritional support, and assisted feeding<
/>• Includes access to a companion website with case studies, review questions and answers, and the figures from the book in PowerPoint

Table of Contents
Section 1: Basics of Nutrition Chapter 1: Nutrients and EnergyChapter 2: WaterChapter 3: CarbohydratesChapter 4: FatsChapter 5: Protein and Amino AcidsChapter 6: VitaminsChapter 7: MineralsChapter 8: Digestion and AbsorptionChapter 9: Energy BalanceChapter 10: Nutrition CalculationsSection 2: Nutritional Requirements of Dogs and Cats Chapter 11: History and Regulation of Pet FoodsChapter 12: Pet Food LabelsChapter 13: Nutrient Content of Pet FoodsChapter 14: Types of Pet FoodsChapter 15: Raw Food Diets: Fact versus FictionChapter 16: Additives and Pet Food PreservativesChapter 17: Home-made DietsSection 3: Feeding Management of Dogs and Cats Chapter 18: Feeding Regimens for Dogs and CatsChapter 19: Body Condition ScoringChapter 20: Pregnancy and Lactation in DogsChapter 21: Pregnancy and Lactation in CatsChapter 22: Neonatal Puppies and KittensChapter 23: Growth in DogsChapter 24: Growth in CatsChapter 25: Adult Maintenance in DogsChapter 26: Adult Maintenance in CatsChapter 27: Feeding the Healthy Geriatric Dog and CatChapter 28: Performance and DogsChapter 29: Nutritional Requirements of CatsChapter 30: Nutrition MythsChapter 31: Nutritional SupportChapter 32: Assisted Feeding in Dogs and CatsSection 4: Nutritional Management of Disease Chapter 33: Gastrointestinal DisordersChapter 34: Hepatic DiseaseChapter 35: Weight ManagementChapter 36: Feline Lower Urinary Tract DiseaseChapter 37: DermatologyChapter 38: EndocrinologyChapter 39: CancerChapter 40: Refeeding SyndromeChapter 41: Cardiac DiseaseChapter 42: MusculoskeletalSection 5: Feeding Management of Other Species Chapter 43: AvianChapter 44: Small MammalsChapter 45: Equine