Handbook Of Canine & Feline Emergency Protocols

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Edition 02
Author Mcmichael, Michael
Cover Paperback
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Handbook of Canine and Feline Emergency Protocols, Second Editionoffers practical step-by-step guidance to managing emergency cases in small animal practice. Presenting more than 165 complete protocols for triaging, stabilizing, and managing emergent patients, the book is designed for fast access in an emergency situation, with a spiral binding and tabs to make it easy to flip to the relevant section. An ideal resource for veterinary practitioners seeking a quick reference for dog and cat emergencies, this Second Edition provides enhanced imaging information to increase the book’s diagnostic usefulness and full updates throughout.Logically organized alphabetically by category of emergency, the book includes useful chapters on procedures, shock, toxicology, and trauma in addition to a procedures chapter. Video clips, additional images, review questions, formula calculations, and quick reference guides are available on a companion website.Handbook of Canine and Feline Emergency Protocols, Second Editionprovides a user-friendly daily reference for any small animal practitioner.

Table of Contents
List of Contributors ixAcknowledgments xiIntroduction xiiiAb
eviations xv1 Acute Abdomen 1<
/>Maureen McMichael2 Allergic Reactions 9<
/>Maureen McMichael3 Cardiac Emergencies 13<
/>Jennifer M. Herring4 Endocrine Emergencies 35<
/>Mauria O’Brien5 Gastrointestinal Emergencies 45<
/>Jennifer M. Herring6 Hematologic Emergencies 64<
/>Christopher G. Byers7 Hepatic Emergencies 76<
/>Mauria O’Brien8 Infectious Disease 87<
/>Maureen McMichael9 Neoplasia 102<
/>Mauria O’Brien10 Neurologic Emergencies 106<
/>Jennifer M. Herring11 Ophthalmologic Emergencies 116<
/>Mauria O’Brien12 Pediatric and Neonatal Emergencies 122<
/>Maureen McMichael13 Procedures and Protocols 131<
/>Christopher G. Byers and Maureen McMichael14 Pulmonary/Respiratory Emergencies 168<
/>Jennifer M. Herring15 Renal and Urinary Emergencies 189<
/>Mauria O’Brien16 Reproductive Emergencies 196<
/>Mauria O’Brien17 Shock and Sepsis 208<
/>Christopher G. Byers18 Toxicology 219<
/>Maureen McMichael19 Trauma/Environmental Emergencies 249<
/>Christopher G. ByersIndex 279