Nutrition At A Glance

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Nutrition at a Glanceintroduces key nutrition facts, such as the role of key nutrients in maintaining health, and addresses the concepts of nutrient metabolism, nutritional intake and what makes an adequate diet. It covers food safety, allergy and intolerance, GM foods, diet-related diseases and nutrigenomics.<
/>Nutrition at a Glance:<
/>• Is superbly illustrated, with full colour illustrations throughout<
/>• Includes nutrition ‘hot topics& such as gene-nutrient interactions and dietary supplements<
/>• Has strong international appeal, with different dietary requirements provided for many countries<
/>• Is a reference text suitable for post-docs and junior scientists, including those working in public health and dietetics<
/>• Includes a companion website at featuring interactive multiple choice questions, ab
eviations, a glossary, references and further reading, and Appendix B 1: Global dietary guidelines and Dietary Reference Intakes

Table of Contents
Acknowledgements viiiHow to use your textbook ixAbout the companion website xiPart I Nutrients including carbohydrates, fat, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and alcohol 1 1 Introduction to the nutrients 22 The relationship between diet, health and disease 43 Energy intake: Food sources 64 Energy: Control of food intake 85 Energy: Measurement of requirements 106 Energy requirements: Components of energy expenditure 127 Carbohydrates: Simple and complex carbohydrates 148 Carbohydrates: Digestion and utilisation in the body 169 Fats: Types of fatty acids 1810 Fats: Compound lipids (triglycerides, phospholipids, cholesterol, and phytosterols) 2011 Fats: Digestion and utilisation in the body 2212 Proteins: Chemistry and digestion 2413 Proteins: Functions and utilisation in the body 2614 Proteins: Needs, sources, protein quality and complementation 2815 Dietary supplements 3016 Micronutrients: Fat‑soluble vitamins 3217 Micronutrients: Water‑soluble vitamins 3418 Micronutrients: Major minerals 3619 Micronutrients: Trace elements 3820 Micronutrients: Role in metabolism 4021 Micronutrients and circulatory system I 4222 Micronutrients and circulatory system II 4423 Micronutrients: Protective and defence roles I 4624 Micronutrients: Protective and defence roles II 4825 Micronutrients: Structural role in bone I 5026 Micronutrients: Structural role in bone II 5227 Alcohol 5428 Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder 5629 Fluids in the diet 58Part II Nutritional epidemiology including assessments, consequences and food choices 61 30 Introduction to nutrition epidemiology: Study designs I 6231 Introduction to nutrition epidemiology: Study designs II 6432 Research ethics 6633 Nutritional assessment methods: Anthropometric assessment 6834 Nutritional assessment methods: Dietary assessment I 7035 Nutritional assessment methods: Dietary assessment II 7236 Inadequate nutritional intakes: Causes 7437 Inadequate nutritional intakes: Consequences 7638 Definitions of an adequate diet 7839 Creating an adequate diet 8040 Optimising nutrition 8241 Excessive or unbalanced nutritional intakes 8442 Food choice: Individual, social and cultural factors 8643 Food choice: The food environment 8844 Nutrition in ethnic minority groups and potential impact of religion on diet 90Part III Nutrition throughout the life cycle 93 45 Nutrition in pregnancy and lactation 9446 Nutrition in infants, toddlers and preschool children 9647 Nutrition in school‑age children and adolescents 9848 Nutritional challenges in infants, children and adolescents 10049 Nutrition and early origins of adult disease 10250 Nutrition in older adults 104Part IV The role of nutrition in key organs/systems 107 51 Nutrition and the gastrointestinal tract I 10852 Nutrition and the gastrointestinal tract II 11053 Nutrition and the
ain I 11254 Nutrition and the
ain II 11455 Nutrition and the eye 116Part V Nutrition‑related diseases 119 56 Overweight and obesity: Aetiological factors 12057 Overweight and obesity: Consequences for health and chronic disease 12258 Overweight and obesity: Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome 12459 Overweight and obesity: Prevention and management 12660 Overweight and obesity: Popular slimming diets 12861 Underweight and negative energy balance 13062 Nutrition and cancer I 13263 Nutrition and cancer II 13464 Diet and cardiovascular disease: Aetiology 13665 Diet and cardiovascular disease: Prevention 13866 Adverse reactions to food and inborn errors of metabolism 140Part VI Public health and sports nutrition 143 67 Nutritional genomics 14468 Nutrition transition 14669 Promoting nutritional health: A public health perspective I 14870 Promoting nutritional health: A public health perspective II 15071 Promoting nutritional health: The role of the dietitian 15272 Nutrition and sport I 15473 Nutrition and sport II 156Part VII Foods, phytochemicals including functional and genetically modified foods 159 74 Functional foods 16075 Phytochemicals 16276 Genetically modified foods 16477 Food safety 166Appendices 168Appendix A1 Structures of the fat‑soluble vitamins A, D, E and K 168Appendix A2 Structures of the water‑soluble vitamins: Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B 6 , biotin, pantothenic acid, folic acid,vitamin B 12 and vitamin C 170Appendix A3 Structures of the major classes of phytochemicals 172Bibliography 174Index 177