Wound Care At A Glance

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Wound Care at a Glancecombines superb illustrations with accessible and informative text to make the key concepts of wound care easy to understand. Providing practical guidance for all healthcare professionals who care for people with wounds, or who have an interest in this complex area of healthcare, it succinctly addresses a wide range of issues including relevant anatomy and physiology, psychological issues, physical care considerations, patient safety issues, legal and ethical issues, and various treatment and management options.

Table of Contents
Preface viiAcknowledgements viiiHow to use your textbook ixAbout the companion website xiPart 1 Anatomy and physiology 1 1 The history of wound care 22 Anatomy and physiology of the skin 43 Psychological and social aspects of the skin 64 Body image 85 The skin and ageing 10Part 2 The normal healing process: acute wounds 13 6 Haemostasis 147 Inflammation 168 Proliferation (granulation and epithelialization) 189 Maturation 2010 Factors affecting wound healing 22Part 3 The abnormal healing process: chronic wound healing 25 11 The impaired healing process 2612 Factors affecting wound healing 2713 Nutrition and wound healing 2814 Incontinence and wounds 3015 Vascular disease 32Part 4 Wound management in practice 35 16 Assessment of skin 3617 Assessment of the patient with a wound 3818 Classification of wounds 4019 Legal and ethical aspects of wound care 4220 Documenting wounds and keeping records 4421 Evidence-based practice 4622 Treatment options 4823 Pain management 50Part 5 Dressing selection 53 24 Principles of wound management I 5425 Principles of wound management II 5526 Managing wound exudate 5627 Generic wound products: mode of action 5828 Choosing a wound care product 6029 Use of topical antimicrobials and antibiotics 6230 Application of lotions, creams, emollients and ointments 6431 Advanced technologies 66Part 6 Complexities of wound care 69 32 Pressure redistribution equipment 7033 Pressure ulcer classification and prevention 7234 Pressure ulcers 7435 Venous leg ulcers 7636 Lymphoedema 7837 Compression therapy 8038 Arterial ulcers 8239 Doppler 8440 Interpreting ABPIs 8641 Diabetic foot ulcers 8842 Moisture lesions 9043 Surgical wounds 9244 Traumatic wounds 9445 Burns and scalds 9646 Atypical wounds 9847 Wounds in different populations 10048 Malignant wounds 10249 Palliative wound care 104Glossary 105References and further reading 106Index 107