Small Animal Ophthalmic Atlas & Guide

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Small Animal Ophthalmic Atlas and Guideoffers fast access to a picture-matching guide to common ophthalmic conditions and key points related to diagnosing and managing these diseases.  The first half of the book presents photographs of ophthalmic abnormalities with
ief descriptions, as an aid for diagnosis.  The second half of the book is devoted to concise, clinically oriented descriptions of disease processes, diagnostic tests, and treatments for each condition. Small Animal Ophthalmic Atlas and Guideis a useful tool for quickly and accurately formulating a diagnosis, diagnostic strategy, and treatment plan for small animal patients.Ideally suited for use in the fast-paced practice setting, this text provides both reference images and information for managing the disease in a single text. Small Animal Ophthalmic Atlas and Guideis an easy-to-use aid for small animal general practitioners, veterinary students, and veterinary interns seeking a quick yet complete guide to small animal ophthalmology.

Table of Contents
Preface, xList of ab
eviations xiGlossary xiiSection I Atlas 11 Orbit 3 Clinical signs associated with orbital neoplasia 3Clinical signs associated with orbital cellulitis 3Enophthalmos 4Brachycephalic ocular syndrome 4Ventromedial entropion associated with
achycephalic ocular syndrome 4Clinical signs associated with Horner's syndrome 5Clinical signs associated with Horner's syndrome 5Appearance of Horner's syndrome following application of sympathomimetic drugs 5Clinical signs associated with orbital neoplasia 6Clinical signs associated with proptosis 62 Eyelids 7 Normal appearance of punctum 7Ectopic cilia 7Distichiae 8Distichiae 8Ectopic cilia and chalazion 8Lower eyelid entropion due to conformation 9Facial trichiasis 9Eyelid agenesis 9Appearance of entropion after temporary correction using tacking sutures 10Lower eyelid ectropion 10Meibomian adenoma 10Meibomian adenoma 11Eyelid melanocytoma 11Chalazion 11Blepharitis 12Blepharitis 12Blepharitis 123 Third eyelid, nasolacrimal system, and precorneal tear film 13 Pathologic changes to the third eyelid associated with pannus 13Scrolled third eyelid cartilage 13Prolapsed third eyelid gland (“cherry eye) 14Prolapsed third eyelid gland (“cherry eye) 14Superficial neoplasia of the third eyelid 14Neoplasia of the third eyelid gland 15Positive Jones test - appearance of fluorescein in mouth 15Positive Jones test - appearance of fluorescein at nostril 154 Conjunctiva 16 Normal appearance of the conjunctiva 16Conjunctival hyperemia 16Chemosis and conjunctival hyperemia 17Chemosis 17Conjunctival follicles 17Conjunctival thickening associated with infiltrative neoplasia 18Superficial conjunctival neoplasia 18Subconjunctival hemorrhage 18Conjunctival follicles 19Superficial conjunctival neoplasia 19Conjunctival neoplasia 195 Cornea, 20 Superficial corneal vascularization associated with keratoconjunctivitis sicca, 20Appearance of a dry cornea with concurrent anterior uveitis, 20Typical appearance of superficial corneal vessels, 21Typical appearance of deep corneal vessels, 21Typical appearance of corneal edema, 21Corneal melanosis, 22Typical melanin distribution associated with pigmentary keratitis, 22Typical appearance of corneal fi
osis with concurrent corneal vascularization, 22Corneal white cell infiltrate with concurrent corneal vascularization and edema, 23Corneal deposits associated with corneal dystrophy, 23Corneal deposits associated with corneal dystrophy, 23Corneal mineral deposits, 24Typical changes associated with keratoconjunctivitis sicca, 24Predominantly melanotic corneal changes associated with pannus, 24Predominantly fi
ovascular corneal changes associated with pannus, 25Corneal changes associated with pannus, mixture of melanosis and fi
ovascular changes, 25Superficial corneal ulcer, 25Indolent corneal ulcer with fluorescein stain applied, 26Indolent corneal ulcer prior to fluorescein stain, 26Indolent corneal ulcer after fluorescein stain, 26Deep corneal ulcer, 27Descemetocele after application of fluorescein stain, 27Descemetocele after application of fluorescein stain, viewed with cobalt blue light, 27Corneal perforation with iris prolapse, 28Corneal perforation with iris prolapse and hyphema, 28Corneal perforation with large iris prolapse, 28Melting corneal ulcer, 29Perforated melting corneal ulcer, 29Dendritic corneal ulcers, 29Eosinophilic keratoconjunctivitis 30Eosinophilic keratoconjunctivitis 30Eosinophilic keratoconjunctivitis 30Corneal sequestrum; light
own, with minimal keratitis 31Corneal sequestrum; dark
own, with moderate keratoconjunctivitis 31Corneal sequestrum; dark
own, with significant keratoconjunctivitis 316 Anterior uvea 32 Iris-to-cornea persistent pupillary mem
anes 32Iris-to-iris persistent pupillary mem
anes 32Posterior synechiae 33Anterior chamber uveal cysts 33Anterior chamber uveal cysts 33Transillumination of posterior chamber uveal cysts 34Iris atrophy 34Iris atrophy 34Severe iris atrophy 35Focal iris hyperpigmentation 35Feline diffuse iris melanoma 35Feline diffuse iris melanoma 36Canine melanocytoma 36Canine melanocytoma 36Canine ciliary body adenoma 37Clinical signs of uveitis: chemosis, episcleral congestion, deep corneal vascularization, and diffuse corneal edema 37Aqueous flare 37Keratic precipitates 38Hypopyon with concurrent corneal ulceration 38Hyphema 38Rubeosis iridis 39Iris thickening 39Posterior synechia 39Iris bombÉ 407 Lens 41 Nuclear sclerosis 41Nuclear sclerosis 41Incipient cataract 42Incipient cataract 42Incomplete cataract 42Incomplete cataract 43Incomplete cataract 43Complete cataract 43Complete, resorbing cataract 44Incomplete resorbing cataract 44Lens subluxation 44Lens subluxation 45Anterior lens luxation 45Posterior lens luxation 458 Posterior segment 46 Normal canine fundus 46Normal canine fundus 46Normal feline fundus 47Subalbinotic, atapetal canine fundus 47Subalbinotic feline fundus 47Tapetal hyperreflectivity and retinal vascular attenuation in a cat 48Tapetal hyperreflectivity and retinal vascular attenuation in a dog 48Focal retinal degeneration/chorioretinal scar 48Focal retinal degeneration/chorioretinal scar 49Tapetal hyporeflectivity due to hypertensive retinopathy 49Tapetal hyporeflectivity 49Tapetal hyporeflectivity 50Fluid and white cell infiltrate in the nontapetal fundus (chorioretinitis) 50Focal white cell infiltrate (chorioretinitis) and retinal degeneration in the nontapetal fundus 50Multifocal retinal degeneration in the nontapetal fundus 51Hemorrhage in the nontapetal fundus 51Hemorrhage in the tapetal fundus 51Serous retinal detachment and retinal hemorrhage due to hypertensive retinopathy 52External view of serous retinal detachment 52Serous retinal detachment 52Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment 53Optic nerve atrophy/degeneration - mild 53Optic nerve atrophy/degeneration - severe 53Optic disc cupping in an atapetal fundus 54Optic disc cupping 54Optic neuritis 54Optic neuritis 55Asteroid hyalosis 55Choroidal hypoplasia (collie eye anomaly) 55Posterior polar coloboma and choroidal hypoplasia (collie eye anomaly) in a subalbinotic fundus 569 Glaucoma 57 Typical appearance of acute glaucoma 57Haab's striae 57Section II Guide 5910 Orbit 61 Diseases of the orbit 62Brachycephalic ocular syndrome 62Horner's syndrome 63Orbital cellulitis and abscess 65Orbital neoplasia 67Proptosis 68Further reading 70References 7011 Eyelids 71 Diseases of the eyelid 72Distichiasis 72Ectopic cilia 73Trichiasis 73Eyelid agenesis 75Entropion 75Ectropion 77Eyelid neoplasia 78Chalazion 79Blepharitis 80Eyelid laceration 81Further reading 82References 8212 The third eyelid, nasolacrimal system, and precorneal tear film 83 Diseases of the third eyelid and lacrimal system 84Third eyelid gland prolapse (“cherry eye) 84Third eyelid neoplasia 85Nasolacrimal duct obstruction 87Tear film disorders—KCS 88Qualitative tear film abnormality 88References 9013 Conjunctiva 91 Diseases of conjunctiva 91Canine conjunctivitis 91Feline conjunctivitis 93Conjunctival neoplasia 95Further reading 96References 9714 Cornea 98 Corneal diseases 99Corneal dystrophy 99Canine keratitis 100Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) 101Pigmentary keratitis 103Pannus/chronic superficial keratitis 104Corneal ulceration 105Simple corneal ulceration 105Indolent corneal ulceration 106Deep and perforating corneal ulceration 108Melting corneal ulceration 110Feline keratitis, nonulcerative and ulcerative 111Feline eosinophilic keratoconjunctivitis (EK) 112Corneal sequestrum 113Further reading 114References 11415 Anterior uvea 116 Anterior uveal diseases 116Persistent pupillary mem
anes (PPMs) 116Uveal cysts 117Iris atrophy 118Feline diffuse iris melanoma 118Canine anterior uveal melanocytic neoplasia 119Iridociliary neoplasia 120Anterior uveitis 121Further reading 124References 12416 Lens 125 Diseases of the lens 125Nuclear sclerosis 125Cataract 126Lens subluxation and luxation 128Further reading 129References 13017 Posterior segment 131 Diseases of the posterior segment 133Asteroid hyalosis 133Collie eye anomaly 133Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) 134Sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome (SARDS) 135Retinal degeneration (excluding PRA and SARDS) 136Chorioretinitis 137Retinal detachment 138Hypertensive retinopathy 140Optic neuritis 141Further reading 142References 14218 Glaucoma 144 Glaucoma 144Further reading 148References 148Index 149