Cardiology Board Review

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This compact but comprehensive board review includes everything you need to successfully prepare for the ABIM Cardiology Board Review examination.<
/>Features over 1200 questions with answers and clear explanationsIncludes over 400 accompanying imagesCovers all key areas of cardiology practice, from history/physicial examination through all major diseases/disorders, along with special topics, e.g. consultative cardiology, covered on the exam Complements standard textbook readingWritten by an internationally-recognized, well-respected and well-published senior cardiologist, expert in valvular heart disease and cardiovascular imaging

Table of Contents
1 History And Physical Exam2 Electrocardiography3 Chest X-Ray In Cardiology4 Stress Testing5 Echocardiography6 Cardiac MRI7 Cardiac CT8 Cardiac Catheterization9 Acute Coronary Syndromes10 Chronic Coronary Artery Disease11 Heart Failure, Transplant, Lvad, Pulmonary Hypertension12 Cardiomyopathies13 Hypertension14 Diabetes Mellitus15 Lipids16 Valvular Heart Disease17 Adult Congenital Heart Disease18 Pericardial Diseases19 Aortic Diseases20 Carotid And Verte
al Artery Disease21 Peripheral Vascular Disease22 Arrhythmias23 Pacers And Defi
illators24 Cardiac Masses25 Systemic Disorders Affecting Heart26 Interdisciplinary Consultative Cardiology27 Heart Disease And Pregnancy28 Racial And Gender Disparities29 Pharmacological Principles Of Cardiac Drugs30 Anticoagulation31 Aspirin And Antiplatelet Therapy32 Statistical Concepts33 Genetics34 Cardiac Emergencies