Abc Of Common Soft Tissue Disorders

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Soft tissue problems are very common, with one in four people at any one time suffering with a musculoskeletal disorder.ABC of Soft Tissue Disordersis a practical, fully illustrated guide to their assessment and treatment.

Structured by body part, each chapter provides guidance on assessment, treatment and management, and covers common conditions such as sprains and strains, tendinopathy, ligament injuries, and sciatica.  With particular focus on shoulders, back and knee problems (reflecting the frequency and complexity of problems in these parts of the body), it provides guidance on the essential history and examination required to reach an accurate diagnosis.

Written by an expert author team,ABC of Soft Tissue Disordersis important reading for all general practitioners, nurse practitioners, junior doctors and medical students working in a range of settings, including emergency, minor injury departments, as well as in orthopaedics and rheumatology.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors, vii

1 Introduction to Musculoskeletal Medicine, 1
Jim Wardrope

2 Soft Tissue Problems of the Neck, 12
Michael Athanassacopoulos and Neil Chiverton

3 Back Pain, 19
Ben Cooper, Richard J. Follett and Neil Chiverton

4 Shoulder: Sub-acromial Pathology, 25
Lennard Funk

5 Shoulder:The Articular Structures, 33
Lennard Funk

6 Elbow, 40
David Stanley and Santosh Venkatachalam

7 Soft Tissue Disorders at the Wrist, 45
David Knott

8 Soft Tissue Injuries of the Hand, 50
Helen Cugnoni

9 Common Soft Tissue Disorders of the Hip, 55
Alison Smeatham

10 Soft Tissue Knee Injuries, 62
Paul M. Sutton

11 Non-traumatic Knee Problems, 68
Jim Wardrope and Paul M. Sutton

12 Calf and Shin Problems, 72
Roger Dalton, Mark B. Davies and Ashley Jones

13 Soft Tissue Injuries of the Ankle, 77
Hasan Qayyum, Chris M. Blundell and Joanna Ollerenshaw

14 The Foot, 84
Sherif Hemaya and Carolyn Chadwick

Index, 89