Tips For The Residency Match: What Residency Directors...

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Item#: 9781118860939
Edition 01
Author Kung, Et Al.
Cover Paperback

Tips for the Residency Matchis a unique guide for medical students applying for residency positions. Packed with hints, tips, and recommendations from both program directors and current residents,Tips for the Residency Matchchronologically covers the key information required to excel during the residency application process - from résumé advice and preparing for the interview and beyond. Both insightful and practical,Tips for the Residency Matchfeatures a wide spectrum of medical specialties and an extra section for foreign graduates.

Tips for the Residency Matchis:Uniquely tailored to the needs of those applying for US residency positionsWritten by leading Residency Directors and current residents in the major specialtiesOffers unprecedented access to how departmental decisions about the Match are madeBoasting expert advice and a wide scope,Tips for the Residency Matchis the ideal companion for those applying for residency positions throughout the United States.

Table of Contents

Contributors ix

Preface xiii

Acknowledgements xv

Disclaimer xvii

About the Editors xix

Introduction 1

Chapter 1. The Match Alphabet Soup 5

Chapter 2. Specialty Selection – Where to Begin 17

Chapter 3. The Specialties – Program Directors’ Perspectives 37

Anesthesiology 38
Qi Cui Ott

Dermatology and “Med-Derm” (Internal Medicine and Dermatology) 44
Elena B. Hawryluk, Steven T. Chen, Vinod E. Nambudiri, and Rachel V. Reynolds

Emergency Medicine 51
Carrie D. Tibbles and Carlo L. Rosen

Family Medicine 58
Robert P. Bonacci, Jacob Erickson, and Mary Lally

General Surgery 62
Shushmita M. Ahmed and James N. Lau

Internal Medicine 67
Michaela Restivo and David Chong

Neurological Surgery 74
Joseph Kapurch and William Krauss

Neurology 81
Natalie Wheeler and Zachary N. London

Obstetrics and Gynecology 88
Kathleen Dunn, Christine Miller, and D. Yvette LaCoursiere

Ophthalmology 93
Kian Eftekhari and Paul J. Tapino

Orthopedic Surgery 98
George S. M. Dyer

Otolaryngology 103
Benjamin L. Judson, Boris Paskhover, and Elias M. Michaelides

Pathology 109
Bonnie Choy and Anthony Chang

Pediatrics 114
Laura Chen, Amy Downing, and Heather McPhillips

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 119
Rina Bloch

Plastic Surgery 123
Jason S. Barr and Pierre B. Saadeh

Psychiatry 131
Jennifer L. Kurth

Radiology 137
Jim S. Wu and Suzanne Long

Radiology Oncology 142
Sara Alcorn and Stephanie Terezakis

Urology 148
Michael Granieri and Andrew C. Peterson

Chapter 4. Path to the Match 153

Chapter 5. The Selection Process – Theirs 169

Chapter 6. The Selection Process – Yours 177

Chapter 7. The Application 189

Chapter 8. The Curriculum Vitae 199

Chapter 9. The Personal Statement 209

Chapter 10. The Interview 217

Chapter 11. After the Interview 229

Chapter 12. Match Week 237

Chapter 13. International Medical Graduate Specifics 247

Index 257