Pathology Of Liver Diseases

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Author Kanel, Gary C
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Pathology of Liver Diseasesis a rapid reference consultation tool that uses both book and online material to present a whole range of liver disorders. The book emphasizes not only the pathology seen in biopsy and surgical material, but also the most pertinent clinical and laboratory findings including epidemiology, etiologic and pathophysiologic concepts, and the differential diagnoses. Key references appear at the end of each chapter.<
/>The book is also accompanied by a companion It contains the following online material:A complete Reference List.A Li
ary that contains over 860 images of the various liver diseases, which adds to over 540 images that are in the book itselfAdditional Tables that address in detail the grading and staging of various liver diseases such as viral<
/>hepatitis and fatty liver diseases.140 Case Examples, which include over 420 images that demonstrate the various ways many of these disease entities clinically present.A PowerPoint presentation entitled "Liver Transplantation & Surgical Procedure", which includes photographs from the operating table of the step-by-step process in liver transplantation.Pathology of Liver Diseasesprovides gastroenterologists and pathologists with a multi-media, well-illustrated, and concise guide to the pathology and clinical diagnoses of liver disorders.

Table of Contents
Preface viAbout the companion website viiiChapter 1 Normal Liver 1Chapter 2 Viral Hepatitis 24Chapter 3 Fatty Liver Diseases 50Chapter 4 Diseases of the Biliary Tract 72Chapter 5 Non-Viral Infectious Diseases 95Chapter 6 Granulomatous Hepatitis 123Chapter 7 Autoimmune Hepatitis 131Chapter 8 Vascular Disorders 143Chapter 9 Genetic and Metabolic Hepatic Diseases 162Chapter 10 Developmental Hepatobiliary Disorders and Cystic Diseases 198Chapter 11 Drug- and Toxin-Induced Liver Diseases 215Chapter 12 Liver Transplantation 231Chapter 13 Hepatic Tumors, Benign 266Chapter 14 Hepatic Tumors, Malignant 289Chapter 15 Miscellaneous Hepatic Disorders 337Index 354