Frith Prescribing Guidelines For People With Intellectual..

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The Frith Prescribing Guidelines for People with Intellectual Disabilityprovides comprehensive guidance on prescribing for patients with intellectual disability as well as general information on the clinical care of this important population.

The guidelines have been conceived and developed by clinicians working in intellectual disability services. They are based on both the latest evidence and expert opinion to provide a consensus approach to prescribing as part of a holistic package of care, and include numerous case examples and scenarios. New to this third edition is improved coverage of children and the role of primary care teams.

The Frith Prescribing Guidelines for People with Intellectual Disabilityremains a practical guide for busy clinicians and a valuable reference for all primary and secondary health care professionals caring for people with intellectual disability.

Table of Contents
List of contributors viiForeword xiPreface xiiiAcknowledgements xv1 Intellectual Disability 1
David Branford and Sabyasachi Bhaumik2 Prescribing Practice 11
David Branford and Sabyasachi Bhaumik3 Physical and Health Monitoring 21
David Branford and Sabyasachi Bhaumik4 Epilepsy 31
Reza Kiani5 Dementia in People with Intellectual Disability 63
Satheesh Kumar Gangadharan and Amala Jesu6 Eating and Drinking Difficulties 77
Jenny Worsfold, Nicky Calow and David Branford7 Sleep Disorders 95
Reza Kiani8 Women&s Health Issues 107
Nyunt Nyunt Tin and Julia Middleton9 Sexual Offending 117
John Devapriam, Pancho Ghatak, Sabyasachi Bhaumik, David Branford, Mary Barrett and Sayeed Khan10 Autism Spectrum Disorders 125
Mary Barrett and Elspeth Bradley11 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 135
Karen Bretherton12 Aggressive Behaviour 147
David Branford and Sabyasachi Bhaumik13 Self•]Injurious Behaviour 153
Asit Biswas and Sabyasachi Bhaumik14 Anxiety Disorders 161
Avinash Hiremath, Sabyasachi Bhaumik and Khalid Nawab15 Depression 169
Avinash Hiremath, Shweta Gangavati and Mary Barrett16 Bipolar Affective Disorder 179
Desari Mohan Michael, David Branford and Mary Barrett17 Schizophrenia 193
Avinash Hiremath, Amala Jesu and Saduf Riaz18 Alcohol Use Disorders 203
Helen Miller19 Personality Disorders 215
Regi Alexander and Sabyasachi Bhaumik20 Discussion Case Studies with Suggested Answers 225Appendix: Summary of Syndromes Mentioned in the Guidelines 241Index 000