Medical-Surgical Nursing At A Glance

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Medical-Surgical Nursing at a Glanceis the perfect companion for study and revision for nursing and healthcare students from the publishers of the market-leadingat a Glanceseries.  This easy-to-read, accessible guide
ings together all the key principles of caring for patients with medical and surgical needs.  Highly visual, each topic is covered in one two-page spread, making it easy to quickly read up on key information and grasp the essentials of the key aspects of caring for the adult patient.A clear and accessible foundation of the need to know aspects of medicine and surgery for nursesTakes a systems approach exploring nursing care of key medical and surgical conditions and disorders Covers assessment, nutrition, pain, infection controlSupported by a companion website with over 300 interactive multiple choice questionsProvides need-to-know information in a quick-reference formatWritten from a UK perspective, with application to clinical practiceA companion website is available featuring interactive multiple choice questionsMedical-Surgical Nursing at a Glanceis ideal for nursing students looking for a clear and visual summary of care of the adult patient.

Table of Contents
Preface ixAcknowledgements xAbout the companion website xiPart 1: Nursing practice 1 1 What is nursing? 22 The 6 Cs 43 Accountability and responsibility 64 Risk and safety 85 Patient-centred care 106 Team working 12Part 2: General care 15 7 Health assessment 168 Intravenous therapy 189 Blood transfusion 2010 Nutrition 2211 Pain 2412 Infection prevention and control: I 2613 Infection prevention and control: II 28Part 3: Medical nursing 31 Immune system14 HIV 3215 Systemic lupus erythematosus 3416 Irritable bowel syndrome 36Respiratory system17 Asthma 3818 Pulmonary embolism 4019 Pneumonia 42Haematology20 Iron deficiency anaemia 4421 Thrombocytopenia 4622 Leukaemia 48Cardiovascular system23 Myocardial infarction 5024 Heart failure 5225 Angina 54Neurological system26 Meningitis 5627 Subarachnoid haemorrhage 5828 Epilepsy 60Gastrointestinal system29 Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease 6230 Diverticular disease 6431 Constipation 66Musculoskeletal system32 Osteoporosis 6833 Gout 7034 Rheumatoid arthritis 72Endocrine system35 Diabetes mellitus 7436 Thyrotoxicosis 76Reproductive system37 Erectile dysfunction 7838 Chlamydia 8039 Dysmenorrhoea 82The skin40 Eczema 8441 Psoriasis 8642 Skin cancer 88Cancer43 Lung cancer 9044 Cervical cancer 9245 Prostate cancer 94The senses46 Glaucoma 9647 Conjunctivitis 9848 Age-related macular degeneration 100Part 4: Surgical nursing 103 Principles of care49 Preoperative care 10450 Perioperative care 10651 Postoperative care 108Respiratory system52 Thoracotomy 11053 Chest drain 112Haematology54 Stem cell transplantation 11455 Splenectomy 116Cardiovascular system56 Coronary artery bypass graft 11857 Cardiac valve surgery 12058 Varicose veins 122Neurological system59 Craniotomy 12460 Neurosurgical clipping 126Gastrointestinal system61 Appendicectomy 12862 Right-sided hemicolectomy 13063 Bariatric surgery 132Musculoskeletal system64 Arthroscopy 13465 Lower limb amputation 13666 Laminectomy 138Endocrine system67 Pituitary surgery 14068 Thyroidectomy 14269 Orchidectomy 144Reproductive system70 Vasectomy 14671 Dilation and curettage 14872 Cone biopsy 150The skin73 Burns 15274 Skin grafts 15475 Cosmetic and plastic surgery 156The eyes and ears76 Cataract 15877 Mastoidectomy 160Appendices 1631 Normal values 1632 Glossary of terms 165Further reading 167Index 168