Questions & Answers In Small Animal Anesthesia

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Questions and Answers in Small Animal Anesthesiaprovides practical and logical guidance for a wide range of anesthesia questions commonly faced in veterinary medicine.<
/>•    Gives concrete answers to questions about anesthesia likely to be faced in small animal practice<
/>•    Explains why experienced anesthesiologists make the choices they do<
/>•    Provides concise yet comprehensive coverage of anesthetic management using an engaging question-and-answer format<
/>•    Covers dogs, cats, small mammals, and birds<
/>•    Focuses on practical, clinically relevant information

Table of Contents
List of contributors, xiPreface, xv1 Patient Evaluation, 1<
/>Lesley J. Smith2 Owner Concerns, 9<
/>Lesley J. Smith3 Patient Preparation, 13<
/>Carrie Schroeder4 Anesthetic Machine and Equipment Check, 19<
/>Richard M. Bednarski5 Pre-anesthetic Sedative Drugs, 33<
/>Lesley J. Smith and Jo Murrell6 Opioids and Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, 43<
/>Lydia Love7 Anticholinergic Drugs, 53<
/>Lesley J. Smith8 Time to Premedicate, 57<
/>Lesley J. Smith9 Intravenous Access and Fluid Administration, 65<
/>Erin Wendt-Hornickle10 Intravenous Anesthetic Induction Drugs, 73<
/>Tanya Duke-Novakovski11 Inhalant Inductions, 83<
/>Lesley J. Smith12 Induction Techniques for the Really Sick Patient, 87<
/>Berit L. Fischer13 Inhalant Anesthetics, 93<
/>Tamara Grubb14 Total Intravenous Anesthesia (TIVA), 101<
/>Martin J. Kennedy15 Anesthetic Monitoring Basics, 107<
/>Martin J. Kennedy16 Normal Values for Anesthetized Patients, 119<
/>Lesley J. Smith17 Troubleshooting Hypotension, 123<
/>Lesley J. Smith18 Troubleshooting Hypoxemia, 133<
/>Rebecca A. Johnson19 Troubleshooting Hypercapnia and Hypocapnia, 139<
/>Rebecca A. Johnson20 Troubleshooting Hypothermia and Hyperthermia, 147<
/>Lysa Pam Posner21 Common Arrhythmias in Anesthetized Patients, 155<
/>Benjamin M. Brainard and Gregg S. Rapoport22 Constant Rate Infusions, 163<
/>Carolyn Kerr23 Loco-Regional Anesthesia, 173<
/>Carrie Schroeder24 Troubleshooting Anesthetic Recovery, 185<
/>Andrew Claude25 Recognition and Assessment of Pain in Dogs, 193<
/>Jo Murrell26 Recognition and Assessment of Pain in Cats, 201<
/>Beatriz Monteiro and Paulo Steagall27 Post-Operative Analgesia & Approaches and Options, 211<
/>Erin Wendt-Hornickle28 Anesthetic Considerations for Dental Prophylaxis and Oral Surgery, 221<
/>Jason W. Soukup and Lesley J. Smith29 Anesthetic Considerations for Neurologic Disease, 229<
/>Stephen A. Greene30 Anesthetic Considerations for Ocular Disease, 237<
/>Lesley J. Smith31 Anesthetic Considerations for Upper and Lower Respiratory Disease, 243<
/>Rebecca A. Johnson32 Anesthetic Considerations for Cardiovascular Disease, 253<
/>Andre C. Shih33 Anesthetic Considerations for Gastrointestinal Disease, 261<
/>Carrie Schroeder34 Anesthetic Considerations for Hepatic Disease, 269<
/>Jane Quandt35 Anesthetic Considerations for Renal Disease, 275<
/>Jane Quandt36 Anesthetic Considerations for Post-Renal Urinary Tract Disease, 283<
/>Ann B. Weil37 Anesthetic Considerations for Endocrine Disease, 289<
/>Berit L. Fischer38 Anesthetic Considerations for Orthopedic Surgery, 305<
/>Odette O39 Anesthetic Management of Common Emergencies in Small Animals, 313<
/>Jane Quandt40 Anesthetic Management of Brachycephalic Breeds, 323<
/>Lesley J. Smith41 Anesthetic Considerations for Other Canine Breeds, 327<
/>Lesley J. Smith42 Anesthetic Considerations for Cats, 331<
/>Paulo Steagall and Javier Benito43 Anesthetic Management of Rabbits and Ferrets, 343<
/>Katrina Lafferty44 Anesthetic Management of Birds, 355<
/>Katrina LaffertyIndex, 367