Ada Practical Guide To Patients With Medical Conditions

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Edition 02
Author Patton & Glick
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With new medications, medical therapies, and increasing numbers of older and medically complex patients seeking dental care, all dentists, hygienists, and students must understand the intersection of common diseases, medical management, and dental management to coordinate and deliver safe care.<
/>This new second edition updates all of the protocols and guidelines for treatment and medications and adds more information to aid with patient medical assessments, and clearly organizes individual conditions under three headings: background, medical management, and dental management. Written by more than 25 expert academics and clinicians, this evidence-based guide takes a patient-focused approach to help you deliver safe, coordinated oral health care for patients with medical conditions.<
/>Other sections contain disease descriptions, pathogenesis, coordination of care between the dentist and physician, and key questions to ask the patient and physician.

Table of Contents
Accessing Dr. Glick&s Medical Support Website vContributors viPreface ixAcknowledgments xi1 Medical History, Physical Evaluation, and Risk Assessment 1<
/>Lauren L. Patton2 Cardiovascular Diseases 25<
/>Wendy S. Hupp3 Pulmonary Disease 43<
/>Miriam R. Robbins4 Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders 71<
/>Terry D. Rees5 Kidney Disease 101<
/>William M. Carpenter and Darren P. Cox6 Hepatic Disease 121<
/>Juan F. Yepes7 Gastrointestinal Disease 135<
/>Brian C. Muzyka8 Hematological Disease 153<
/>Bhavik Desai and Thomas P. Sollecito9 Bleeding Disorders 183<
/>Dena J. Fischer, Matthew S. Epstein, and Joel B. Epstein10 Autoimmune and Connective Tissue Diseases 201<
/>Scott S. De Rossi and Katharine N. Ciarrocca11 Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and Related Conditions 231<
/>Lauren L. Patton12 Immunological and Mucocutaneous Disease 259<
/>Dawnyetta R. Marable and Michael T. Brennan13 Head and Neck Cancer 273<
/>Steven M. Roser, Steven R. Nelson, Srinivasa Rama Chandra, and Kelly R. Magliocca14 Neurological Disorders 299<
/>Robert G. Henry15 Neurodevelopmental and Psychiatric Disorders 325<
/>Maureen Munnelly Perry and Nancy J. Dougherty16 Substance Use Disorders 351<
/>Abdel Rahim Mohammad17 Developmental Defects of the Craniofacial Complex and Orthopedic Disorders 381<
/>J. Timothy Wright, Michael Milano, and Luiz Andre Pimenta18 Geriatric Health and Functional Issues 405<
/>Janet A. Yellowitz19 Women&s Health 423<
/>Linda C. Niessen20 Medical Emergencies 451<
/>Lauren L. Patton21 Medical Screening/Assessment in the Dental Office 465<
/>Barbara L. Greenberg and Michael GlickAppendix: List of Common Drugs 485Index 497