Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Avian

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Blackwell&s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Avianpresents complete information on diseases and conditions seen in birds in a quick-reference format ideal for clinical practice.  <
/>•    Offers fast access to essential information on 128 avian diseases and syndromes<
/>•    Written by leading experts in avian medicine<
/>•    Uses the trustedFive-Minute Veterinary Consultformat<
/>•    Focuses on practical clinical knowledge<
/>•    Includes access to a companion website offering algorithms, procedure guides, and client education handouts to download, edit, and use in practice

Table of Contents
AdenovirusesAggression (in Problem behaviors: Aggression, Biting and Screaming*)Airborne toxins*Air sac mitesAir sac ruptureAnemiaAngel wing*AnorexiaAnticoagulant rodenticideArthritis*AscitesAspergillosis*AspirationAtherosclerosis*Avian influenzaAvocado toxins (in Plant and Avocado toxins*)Beak fractureBeak malocclusionBite woundsBiting (in Problem behaviors: Aggression, Biting and Screaming*)BordetellosisBotulismBrain tumors (in CNS tumors, Brain tumors, Pituitary tumors)CampylobacteriosisCandidiasisCarbamate toxicity (in Organophosphate and Carbamate toxicity)Cardiac disease*Cere and skin, color changesChlamydiosis*Chronic egg laying*CircovirusesCloacal disease*ClostridiosisCNS tumors, Brain tumors, Pituitary tumorsCoagulation (in Coagulopathies and Coagulation)Coagulopathies and CoagulationCoccidiosis, intestinalCoccidiosis, systemicCoelomic distentionColibacillosisCrop stasis (in Ingluvial hypomotility, Crop stasis and Ileus)CryptosporidiosisCystic Ovaries (in Ovarian cysts, Neoplasia and Cystic ovaries*)DehydrationDermatitisDiabetes insipidusDiabetes mellitus (in Hyperglycemia and Diabetes mellitus)DiarrheaDyslipidemia and HyperlipidemiaDystocia and Egg bindingEctoparasitesEgg binding (in Dystocia and Egg binding)Egg yolk and Reproductive coelomitisEmaciationEnteritis and GastritisFeather cystFeather damaging behavior and Self-injurious behavior*Feather disordersFecal discoloration (in Urate and Fecal discoloration)Flagellate enteritisFractures  and LuxationsGastritis (in Enteritis and Gastritis)Gastrointestinal foreign bodiesGastrointestinal helminthiasis and Intestinal helminthiasiasHeavy metal toxicity*HemoparasitesHemorrhageHepatic lipidosisHerpesvirusesHyperglycemia and Diabetes mellitusHyperlipidemia (in Dyslipidemia and Hyperlipidemia)HyperuricemiaHypocalcemia and hypomagnesemia*Ileus (in Ingluvial hypomotility, Crop stasis and Ileus)InfertilityIngluvial hypomotility, Crop stasis and IleusIntestinal helminthiasis  (in Gastrointestinal helminthiasis and Intestinal helminthiasias)Iron storage diseaseLamenessLipomaLiver disease*Luxations (in Fractures and Luxations)Lymphoid leucosis (in Viral neoplasms: Marek&s disease, Lymphoid leucosis and Reticuloendotheliosis)Lymphoid neoplasiaMacrorhabdus ornithogaster*Marek&s disease (in Viral neoplasms: Marek&s disease, Lymphoid leucosis and Reticuloendotheliosis)Metabolic bone diseaseMycobacteriosisMycoplasmosisMycotoxicosisNeurologic conditionsNutritional deficiencies*Obesity*Ocular lesionsOil exposureOral plaquesOrganophosphate and Carbamate toxicityOsteomyelosclerosis and Polyostotic hyperostosisOtitisOvarian cysts, Neoplasia and Cystic ovaries*Ovarian Neoplasia (in Ovarian cysts, Neoplasia and Cystic ovaries*)Overgrown beak and nails*Overgrown nails (in Overgrown beak and nails*)Oviductal disease (in Salpingitis, Oviductal disease and Uterine disorders)Pancreatic diseasesPapilloma, cutaneousParamyxovirusesPasteurellosisPhallus prolapsePituitary tumors (in CNS tumors, Brain tumors, Pituitary tumors)Plant and Avocado toxins*PneumoniaPododermatitis*PolydipseaPolyomavirus*Polyostotic hyperostosis (in Osteomyelosclerosis and Polyostotic hyperostosis)PolyuriaPoxvirusProblem behaviors: Aggression, Biting and Screaming*Proventricular dilation disease (PDD)*Regurgitation and Vomiting*Renal disease*Respiratory distressReproductive coelomitis (in Egg yolk and Reproductive coelomitis)Reticuloendotheliosis (in Viral neoplasms: Marek&s disease, Lymphoid leucosis and Reticuloendotheliosis)Rhinitis and Sinusitis*SalmonellosisSalpingitis, Oviductal disease and Uterine disordersSarcocystisScreaming (in Problem behaviors: Aggression, Biting and Screaming*)SeizureSelf-injurious behavior (in Feather damaging behavior and Self-injurious behavior*)Sick-bird syndrome*Sinusitis (in Rhinitis and Sinusitis*)Slipped tendon (in Splay leg and Slipped tendon)Splay leg and Slipped tendonSquamous cell carcinomaSyringeal disease (in Tracheal disease and Syringeal disease)Thyroid diseasesToxoplasmosisTracheal disease and Syringeal diseaseTrauma*TrichomoniasisTumorsUndigested food in droppingsUrate and Fecal discolorationUropygial gland diseaseUterine disorders (in Salpingitis, Oviductal disease and Uterine disorders)Viral diseaseViral neoplasms: Marek&s disease, Lymphoid leucosis and ReticuloendotheliosisVitamin D toxicosisVomiting (in Regurgitation and Vomiting*)West Nile virusXanthomaAppendicesAppendix 1: Common Dosages for BirdsAppendix 2: Normal Values for BirdsAppendix 3: Laboratory TestingAppendix 4: Viral diseases of concernAppendix 5: Zoonotic diseases of concern and personal protectionAppendix 6: Common Avian Toxins and Their Clinical SignsAppendix 7: Clinical algorithmsAlgorithm 1: Sick bird syndromeAlgorithm 2: DiarrheaAlgorithm 3: Regurgitation and vomitingAlgorithm 4: Respiratory distressAlgorithm 5: Coelomic distentionAlgorithm 6: Egg bindingAlgorithm 7: AnemiaAlgorithm 8: Oropharyngeal lesionsAlgorithm 9: Neurologic signsAlgorithm 10: PolydipsiaAlgorithm 11: PolyuriaAlgorithm 12: Feather damaging behaviorAlgorithm 13: LamenessAlgorithm 14: HyperuricemiaAlgorithm 15: HepatopathyIndex