Effective Supervisory Relationships: Best Evidence..

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Author Beinhart & Clohessy
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Effective Supervisory Relationships: Best Evidence and Practiceis the first book to explore in detail the Supervisory Relationship, which research has consistently found to be the most critical component of any supervisory process. Helen Beinart and Sue Clohessy & two experts in the field & draw on world-wide studies that cover all major therapeutic approaches to the Supervisory Relationship, and include detailed coverage of cultural competence and issues of effective multicultural supervision. The result is a comprehensive resource that offers cutting-edge, internationally relevant information in order to inform study, training, continuing professional development and practice.

Table of Contents
About the Authors viiPreface ixAcknowledgments xiiiPart I Effective Supervisory Relationships: Best Evidence 1 1 Introduction 32 Overview of Models of Supervision and the Supervisory Relationship 133 Influences on the Supervisory Relationship 314 Outcomes and Measurement 435 Ethical and Culturally Sensitive Practice 57Part II Effective Supervisory Relationships: Best Practice 71 6 Good Beginnings 737 Giving and Receiving Feedback 918 Preventing and Managing Difficulties in the Supervisory Relationship 1099 Reflective Practice 12310 The Supervisory Relationship in Other Supervision Formats 14311 Summary and Conclusions 157Endnote 167Appendix 1 The Supervisory Relationship Questionnaire (SRQ) 171Appendix 2 The Short Supervisory RelationshipQuestionnaire (S?]SRQ) 177Appendix 3 The Supervisory Relationship Measure (SRM) 179References 185Index 205