Practical Procedures In Aesthetic Dentistry

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Practical Procedures in Aesthetic Dentistrypresents a comprehensive collection of videos demonstrating clinical techniques in aesthetic and restorative dentistry, and is accompanied by a handbook summarising the key points of each procedure.<
/>Interactive website hosting over nine hours of videoAccompanying illustrated handbook summarising key pointsExpert teaching across a comprehensive range of aesthetic and restorative proceduresInternational team of contributors with clinical and academic expertise

Table of Contents
List of Contributors ixForeword xiPreface xiiiAcknowledgements xvAbout the Companion Website xvii1 Ethics 1.1 Ethics in Aesthetic Dentistry 3<
/>Russ Ladwa2 Patient Assessment 2.1 Patient History and Examination 9<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta2.2 Clinical Photography (Video) 13<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho2.3 Evaluation of the Aesthetic Zone (Video) 18<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta2.4 Clinical Smile Evaluation (Video) 22<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta2.5 Digital Smile Evaluation (Video) 27<
/>Andrea Shepperson2.6 Principles of Shade Selection (Video) 34<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho2.7 Treatment Planning for Aesthetic Dentistry (Video) 39<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta3 Clinical Occlusion 3.1 Clinical Occlusion: Assessment 47<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta3.2 Facebows: The Facebow Recording (Video) 51<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta3.3 Intra-occlusal Records (Video) 55<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta3.4 Semi-adjustable Articulators (Video) 60<
/>Bill Sharpling3.5 Functional Diagnostic Waxing Up 67<
/>Il Ki Ricky Lee3.6 Occlusal Stabilisation Splints (Video) 71<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta4 Periodontology in Relation to Aesthetic Practice 4.1 Clinical Assessment of Periodontal Tissues 79<
/>Jorge AndrÉ Cardoso4.2 Crown Lengthening without Osseous Reduction: Gingivectomy and Lasers (Video) 86<
/>Jorge AndrÉ Cardoso4.3 Crown Lengthening with Osseous Reduction (Video) 93<
/>Jorge AndrÉ Cardoso4.4 Management of Gingival Recession and Graft Harvesting (Video) 100<
/>Jorge AndrÉ Cardoso5 Direct Aesthetic Restorations 5.1 Adhesive Dentistry 109<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta5.2 Teeth Isolation (Video) 113<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta5.3 Cavity Preparation 117<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta5.4 Anterior Restorations (Video) 122<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta5.5 Posterior Restorations (Video) 128<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta5.6 The Finishing and Polishing of Resin Composite Restorations (Video) 134<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta5.7 Direct Resin Veneers (Video) 137<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta5.8 Repair and Refurbishment of Resin Composite Restorations (Video) 141<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta6 Indirect Aesthetic Restorations 6.1 Tooth Preparation for Full Coverage Restorations (Video) 147<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho6.2 Tooth Preparation for Partial Coverage Restorations 153<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho6.3 Provisionalisation 156<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho6.4 Impressions and Soft Tissue Management 161<
/>Tom Giblin6.5 Aesthetic Post and Cores 167<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta6.6 Appraisal and Cementation 172<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho6.7 Adhesive Bridges 178<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta6.8 Fixed Partial Dentures 184<
/>Tom Giblin6.9 The Role of CAD/CAM in Modern Dentistry (Video) 188<
/>Charles A.E. Slade6.10 Ceramic Repair 194<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho7 Indirect Ceramic Veneer Restorations 7.1 Planning for Porcelain Laminate Veneers 201<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho7.2 Tooth Preparation for Porcelain Laminate Veneers (Video) 209<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho7.3 Provisionalisation for Porcelain Laminate Veneers (Video) 216<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho7.4 Appraisal and Cementation of Porcelain Laminate Veneers (Video) 220<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho8 Partial Removable Prosthodontics 8.1 Aesthetic Removable Dental Prosthetics (Video) 229<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta9 Aesthetic Management of Tooth Wear 9.1 Aesthetic Management of Tooth Wear: Current Concepts 237<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta9.2 The Direct Canine Rise Restoration (Video) 241<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta9.3 Anterior Freehand Direct Restoration (Video) 246<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta9.4 Maxillary Anterior Direct Build-up with Indices (Video) 253<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta9.5 Mandibular Anterior Direct Build-up: Injection Moulding Technique (Video) 260<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta9.6 Management of the Posterior Worn Dentition 268<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta9.7 Evaluation and Management of the Occlusal Vertical Dimension: Generalised Tooth Wear (Video) 274<
/>Subir Banerji and Shamir B. Mehta10 Tooth Whitening 10.1 Assessment of the Discoloured Tooth (Video) 283<
/>Kyle D. Hogg10.2 Vital Bleaching (Video) 289<
/>Kyle D. Hogg10.3 Non-vital Bleaching (Video) 294<
/>Kyle D. Hogg11 Implants in the Aesthetic Zone 11.1 Pre-operative Evaluation (Video) 301<
/>Kyle D. Hogg11.2 Abutment Selection 308<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho11.3 Impression Taking in Implant Dentistry (Video) 314<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho11.4 Screw versus Cemented Implant-Supported Restorations 320<
/>Christopher C.K. Ho11.5 Implant Provisionalisation (Video) 327<
/>Kyle D. Hogg11.6 Pink Aesthetics 333<
/>Brian Chee11.7 Implant Maintenance and Review (Video) 341<
/>Kyle D. HoggIndex 347