Essential Dental Therapeutics

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Author Wray, David
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Essential Dental Therapeuticsis a practical guide to drugs and their effects on dental care. Covering both medical and dental prescribing, all major categories of prescription drugs, their possible side effects, and potential drug interactions are discussed.  The medical section is succinct and easily understandable, providing busy dentists with the information they need about medical conditions and the drugs used to treat them. The dental section offers practical, straightforward information that is relevant to everyday dental prescribing. All clinical contributing authors are medically and dentally trained, and both strands are fully integrated throughout the text. Readers can test their knowledge by using the key topics and learning objectives at the start of each chapter, and by accessing the companion website featuring self-assessment questions.Essential Dental Therapeuticsis a practical reference for dental students and practitioners, ensuring they are safe and informed in everyday practice. 

Table of Contents
List of contributors viiPreface ixAbout the companion website xi1 Introduction to pharmacology and therapeutics & pharmacodynamics 1<
/>Alan Nimmo2 Introduction to pharmacology and therapeutics & pharmacokinetics 7<
/>Alan Nimmo3 Introduction to pharmacology and therapeutics & drug safety 15<
/>Alan Nimmo4 Antimicrobials & antiseptics and disinfectants 23<
/>Martina Shepard5 Antimicrobials & antibiotics 31<
/>Esther Hullah6 Antimicrobials & antifungals 41<
/>John Steele and Jenny Taylor7 Antimicrobials & antivirals 47<
/>John Steele and Jenny Taylor8 Therapeutics of pain management 53<
/>Roddy McMillan9 Corticosteroids 65<
/>Jenny Taylor and John Steele10 Fluoride and toothpaste 69<
/>Sabine Jurge11 Treatments for dry mouth 73<
/>Roddy McMillan12 Therapeutics for medical emergencies in dental practice 77<
/>Roddy McMillan13 Central nervous system 1 & mood disorders 85<
/>Alan Nimmo14 Central nervous system 2 & neurodegenerative and acquired disorders 93Alan Nimmo15 Central nervous system 3 & genetic and developmental disorders 101<
/>Alan Nimmo16 Endocrine disorders 1 109<
/>Alan Nimmo17 Endocrine disorders 2 & diabetes mellitus 117<
/>Alan Nimmo18 Cardiovascular therapeutics 125<
/>Roddy McMillan19 The respiratory system 137<
/>Martyn Ormond20 Coagulation 145<
/>Martina Shepard21 Gastrointestinal pharmacology 153<
/>Esther Hullah22 Antineoplastic therapeutics 159<
/>Jenny Taylor and John Steele23 Vitamins and minerals 167<
/>Sabine Jurge24 Musculoskeletal therapeutics 175<
/>Martyn OrmondIndex 181