Medical School At A Glance

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Author Thomas, Rachel K
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Starting Medical School can be incredibly daunting, and the transition to being a medical student can be enormously challenging.Medical School at a Glanceis an accessible guide to help give you confidence and to gain a running start to your medical school training.Covering core areas such as medical training, developing effective learning strategies, understanding common principles, learning how to behave in the clinical setting and how to interact with patients and peers, this book will help to demystify the process and prepare you as you embark on your medical career.Providing an insider&s view of useful information to build a solid basic foundation for your learning,Medical School at a Glanceis essential for those considering studying medicine or are in their first years of study.

Table of Contents
Preface viiAcknowledgements viiPart I Starting medical school 1 1 Starting medical school 22 Medicine and surgery 43 Understanding medical training 64 Different learning mechanisms 85 Dealing with stress 106 Solving issues 12Part II Learning important principles 15 7 Important common principles 168 Ethics 189 Communication skills and teamwork 2010 Balance 2211 Evidence-based medicine 2412 Understanding guidelines 26Part III Starting clinical activities 29 13 Behaving on the ward 3014 Behaving in theatre 3215 Behaving in clinic 3416 Learning practical procedures 36Part IV Assessing a patient 39 17 Approaching a patient 4018 Approaching an unwell patient 4219 Taking a history 4420 Examining a patient 4621 Assessing a patient&s hydration 4822 Assessing a patient&s nutrition 50Part V Considering and managing a patient 53 23 Investigations 5424 Considering diagnoses 5625 Presenting a patient 5826 Consent and capacity 6027 Breaking bad news 6228 Prescribing 6429 Documentation 6630 Discharge planning 6831 Managing the acutely unwell patient 70Part VI Completing medical school 73 32 Examinations 7433 Electives and special study modules 7634 Understanding foundation school 7835 Understanding later training 8036 Other uses for medical degrees 8237 First day as a doctor 84Further readingIndex