Impacted Third Molars

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Author Wayland, John
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Offers clinically focused instruction for successful and safe removal of impacted third molars This book offers a comprehensive surgical guide for the successful removal of impacted third molars. It walks readers through basic anatomy, case selection, complications, pharmacology, and anesthesia, and covers surgical principles and techniques in detail with illustrations and photos. Instruments and postoperative care are also described, and a unique chapter discusses the author's mobile third molar practice.Impacted Third Molarscovers everything that dentists need to know to safely remove impacted third molars with efficiency and confidence.Provides step-by-step procedures for removing impacted third molarsIncludes practice management, legal, and marketing adviceFeatures procedural videos on a companion websiteImpacted Third Molarsis an ideal reference for the general dentist, specialist, or resident. 

Table of Contents
Preface xiAbout the Companion Website xiii1 Anatomy 1 Nerves 1Blood Vessels 4Buccal Fat Pad 6Submandibular Fossa 7Maxillary Sinus 8Infratemporal Fossa 8References 102 Case Selection 13 Medical Evaluation 13Radiographic Assessment 20Early Third Molar Removal 27Prophylactic Removal of Third Molars 29Summary 30References 313 Complications 33 Paresthesia 33Alveolar Osteitis 40Infection 46Bleeding and Hemorrhage 52Jaw Fracture 54Osteomyelitis 56Damage to Proximal Teeth 57Buccal Fat Pad Exposure 57Oral']Antral Communication 57Displacement of Third Molars 58Aspiration and Ingestion 61Temporomandibular Joint Injury 62Complications Summary 62References 624 Work Space: Equipment, Instruments, and Materials 67 Equipment 68Instruments 74Materials 83Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 93References 945 Surgical Principles and Techniques 97 Surgical Principles 97Surgical Technique 108Germectomy 125References 1266 Pharmacology 131 Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics 131Pharmacology for Third Molar Removal 134Sedation 134Pain Management 140Inflammation 150Infection 153Authors Medication Regimen 156References 1577 Sedation Techniques 163 Sedation as a Continuum 165ADA Definitions (Verbatim) 166ADA Clinical Guidelines (Verbatim) 167Medical Evaluation 173Routes of Administration 174Inhalation (N2O) 176Oral Sedation 183Sublingual Administration 184Intravenous Sedation 185Venipuncture 188References 1948 Sedation Emergencies and Monitoring 197 Patient Safety and Sedation Law 197Sedation Emergencies 200Monitors 207References 2129 Documentation 213 Informed Consent 213Progress Notes 217Malpractice Cases 218Summary 223References 22410 The Mobile Third Molar Practice 225 Mobile Practice Benefits 227General Dentist or Specialist 228Mobile Practice Promotion 229Third Molar Procedure Manual 234Third Molar Removal With IV Sedation 235Introduction 235Guidelines for Third Molar Surgery 236Instruments/Operatory Setup 237Instruments/Sterilization 238Emergency Procedures 238Medical History 241Presurgical Instructions 242Postsurgical Instructions 243Progress Notes 244Progress Notes Key 245Sedation Record 246Third Molar Impaction Consent 247IV Sedation and Wisdom Teeth Briefing 248Third Molar Research 249Contractual Agreement for Dental Services 250Documents 253Scheduling Letter 253Scheduling Protocol 254Scheduling Tips 254Insurance/Fees 255Summary 257References 257Index 259