Chronic Disease Management For Small Animals

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Author Gram, W. Dunbar Et Al.
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Practical guidance on managing chronic illnesses in small animals Chronic Disease Management for Small Animalsprovides a complete resource for the long-term care and therapy of canine and feline patients with incurable conditions. Offering practical strategies for successful management of chronic disorders, the book presents expert guidance on handling these ailments and the animals that they afflict.Written by leading experts in their respective fields,Chronic Disease Management for Small Animalstakes a multidisciplinary approach to the subject, covering chronic diseases across many categories, including mobility, dermatology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, and more.  The book is not meant to replace existing textbooks, but is designed to be used as a practical guide that educates the reader about the many therapeutic options for chronic disease management. Coverage encompasses:The impact that chronic disease has on the quality of life for both the patient and its ownerSpecific chronic diseases, outlining diagnostics, therapeutics, and quality of life concernsHospice care and end of life, including client and pet needs, quality of life, cultural sensitivities, dying naturally, euthanasia, and deathChronic Disease Management for Small Animalsis an essential reference for recently qualified and seasoned practitioners alike, supporting clinicians in making decisions and communicating with clients regarding long-term care. It is an ideal book for all small animal practitioners and veterinary students.

Table of Contents
List of Contributors xiiiPreface xvAcknowledgments xviiPart One Communication and Caregiving 11 Communication, Caregiving, and Chronic Disease 3<
/> Dani McVetyIntroduction 3Overview 4Impact of Chronic Disease on Quality of Life for Both the Patient and Caregiver 5Part 1: Know Yourself-Set the Stage for Collaborative Decision Making, Active Listening, and Caregiving 10Part 2: Verbal Communication 12Part 3: Nonverbal Communication 14References 20Part Two Syndromes and Clinical Signs of Chronic Disease 232 Pruritus, Atopic Dermatitis, and Pyoderma 25<
/> W. Dunbar GramIntroduction 25Diagnosis 26Management 31Quality of Life for Patient and Caregiver 37References 373 Managing Mobility: An Integrative Approach (Orthopedic and Neurologic Impairments of Mobility) 39<
/> Justin ShmalbergIntroduction 39Diagnosis 39Therapeutics 46Quality of Life 60End']of']Life Decisions 63References 644 Chronic Diseases of the Eye and Adnexa 65<
/> Caryn E. PlummerIntroduction 65Adnexa 65Ocular Surface Disorders 67Corneal Disease 74Intraocular Disease 78Conditions of the Uvea 85Lenticular Changes 88Posterior Segment Disease 91Blindness 92References 935 Heart Disease 97<
/> Simon SwiftIntroduction 97Treatment of Acute Heart Failure 98Management of Chronic Congestive Heart Failure 100Specific Heart Diseases 101Further Reading 1346 Canine Cognitive Dysfunction 135<
/> Sheila Carrera']JustizIntroduction 135Diagnosis 135Therapeutics 137End of Life 139Further Reading 1397 Vestibular Syndromes 141<
/> Sheila Carrera']JustizIntroduction 141Diagnosis 141Therapy 143End'] of']Life Decisions 144Further Reading 1448 Seizure Disorders 145<
/> Sheila Carrera']JustizIntroduction 145Diagnosis 145Therapy 147Quality of Life 150FurtherReading 1519 Feline Hyperthyroidism 153<
/> Sylvie Daminet and Kate HillIntroduction 153Diagnosis 153Management 153Renal Function and Hyperthyroidism 156Iatrogenic Hypothyroidism 157References 15710 Hypoadrenocorticism in Dogs 159<
/> Sylvie DaminetIntroduction 159Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis 159Treatment 160Quality of Life 162References 162Further Reading 16211 Canine Hypothyroidism 163<
/> Sylvie DaminetIntroduction 163Diagnosis 163Main Influences on Thyroid Function Tests 163Treatment 165Quality of Life 166References 16612 Hyperadrenocorticism in Dogs and Cats 169<
/> Eric Zini and Michele BerlandaIntroduction 169Therapy 169Quality of Life 173References 17313 Diabetes Mellitus 175<
/> Eric Zini and Michele BerlandaIntroduction 175Diagnosis 175Therapy 175Monitoring 177Remission 178Quality of Life 178References 17814 Chronic Pancreatitis 181 Penny WatsonIntroduction 181Diagnosis 181Treatment 183Quality']of']Life and End']of']Life Assessments 185References 18615 Mega']Esophagus and Esophageal Dysmotility 187<
/> Liza S. KösterIntroduction 187Diagnosis 188Therapeutics 188Quality of Life 190References 19116 Chronic Gastritis 193<
/> Liza S. KösterIntroduction 193Diagnosis 194Therapeutics 195Quality of Life 197References 19717 Ulcerative Colitis 201<
/> Liza S. KösterIntroduction 201Diagnosis 201Therapy 202Quality of Life 203References 20318 Mega']Colon 205<
/> Liza S. KösterIntroduction 205Diagnosis 206Therapeutics 206Quality of Life 209References 21019 Inflammatory Bowel Disease 211<
/> Iwan A. BurgenerIntroduction 211Diagnosis 211Therapeutics 212Quality of Life for Patient and Caregiver 214References 21420 Protein']Losing Enteropathy 217<
/> Iwan A. BurgenerIntroduction 217Diagnosis (see also Chapter 19 on IBD) 217Therapeutics (see also Chapter 19 on IBD) 219Quality of Life 219References 22021 Cholecystitis 223<
/> Joanne L. McLeanIntroduction 223Clinical and Diagnostic Findings 224Therapeutic Management 224References 226Further Reading 22622 Biliary Mucocele 227<
/> Joanne L. McLeanIntroduction 227Pathogenesis 227Diagnostics 228Therapeutic Management 229References 231Further Reading 23223 Chronic Hepatitis 233<
/> Ninette KellerIntroduction 233Diagnosis 233Therapeutics 234Quality of Life for Patient and Caregiver 236References 237Further Reading 23724 Portosystemic Liver Shunts 239<
/> Ninette KellerIntroduction 239Diagnosis 239Therapeutics 240Quality of Life 241References 241Further Reading 24125 Hepatic Lipidosis 243<
/> Tanya SchoemanIntroduction 243Diagnosis 243Treatment 244Quality of Life 246References 247Further Reading 24726 Feline Cholangitis 249<
/> Tanya SchoemanIntroduction 249Diagnosis 250Treatment 251Quality of Life 252References 25327 Chronic Kidney Disease 255<
/> Gilad SegevIntroduction 255Diagnosis 255Management 255Quality of Life 258References 25928 Chronic Urinary Tract Infection 261<
/> Gilad SegevIntroduction 261Management 261Monitoring 262Treatment Failure and Chronic Management 262Prophylactic/Preventative Treatment 264Quality of Life 264References 26429 Feline Interstitial Cystitis 267<
/> Tanya SchoemanIntroduction 267Diagnosis 268Treatment 268Quality of Life 270References 27030 Canine Chronic Bronchitis 273<
/> Richard K. BurchellIntroduction 273Etiology 273Diagnosis 273Therapy and Monitoring 274Quality of Life 275References 27631 Bronchiectasis 277<
/> Richard K. BurchellIntroduction 277Etiology and Classification 277Diagnosis 277Treatment 278Quality of Life 279References 27932 Interstitial Lung Diseases 281<
/> Richard K. BurchellIntroduction 281Etiology and Classification 281Diagnosis 281Treatment 283Quality of Life 284References 28433 Feline Asthma 285<
/> Frank KettnerIntroduction 285Diagnosis 285Comorbid Conditions, Diagnostic Conundrums, and Differential Diagnoses 286Therapeutics 287Quality of Life 288References 28934 Collapsing Trachea 291<
/> Frank KettnerIntroduction 291Diagnosis 291Comorbid Conditions, Diagnostic Conundrums, and Differential Diagnoses 292Therapeutics 293Quality of Life 294References 29535 Allergic Rhinitis 297<
/> Remo LobettiIntroduction 297Diagnosis 297Therapy 298Quality of Life 299References 299Further Reading 300Part Three End of Life 30136 Hospice Care and End of Life 303<
/> Mary GardnerHospice Care 303Client Needs 307Pet Needs 309Quality of Life 311Cultural Sensitivities 316Dying Naturally 317Dying with Assistance & Euthanasia 318Dying Well 321Death and Aftercare of the Body 322Summary 325References 325Index 327