Fundamentals Of Applied Pathophysiology

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Edition 03
Author Peate, Ian (Ed)
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Fundamentals of Applied Pathophysiologycontinues to be an accessible and comprehensive introductory text to pathophysiology, written specifically for nursing and healthcare students to assist in the understanding of human anatomy, and the complex disease patterns that affect normal physiology.Thoroughly updated, and with full-colour illustrations throughout, this new edition incorporates additional learning features including reflective questions at the end of each chapter, investigation boxes, medication alerts, red flags to indicate essential information to be aware of when providing care, vital signs boxes relating to physiological measurements as well as inclusion of the National Early Warning Score.With emphasis placed on a multidisciplinary approach,Fundamentals of Applied Pathophysiologyhighlights the importance of contemporary, safe, and effective practice in an environment in which the delivery of care is constantly evolving.

Table of Contents
Preface viiiAcknowledgements xContributors xiAbout the companion website xiiiChapter 1 Cell and body tissue physiology 1Chapter 2 Cancer 32Chapter 3 Infl ammation, immune response and healing 62Chapter 4 Shock 93Chapter 5 The nervous system and associated disorders 116Chapter 6 The heart and associated disorders 148Chapter 7 The vascular system and associated disorders 178Chapter 8 The blood and associated disorders 212Chapter 9 The renal system and associated disorders 247Chapter 10 The respiratory system and associated disorders 278Chapter 11 The gastrointestinal system and associated disorders 315Chapter 12 Nutrition and associated disorders 346Chapter 13 The endocrine system and associated disorders 371Chapter 14 The reproductive systems and associated disorders 407Chapter 15 Pain and pain management 441Chapter 16 The musculoskeletal system and associated disorders 478Chapter 17 Fluid and electrolyte balance and associated disorders 506Chapter 18 The skin and associated disorders 534Chapter 19 The ear, nose and throat, and eyes, and associated disorders 563Appendix Reference values in venous serum (adults) 592Index 595