Veterinarian's Guide To Maximizing Biopsy Results

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Author Shulman, F. Yvonne
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Veterinarian's Guide to Maximizing Biopsy Resultshelps veterinary practitioners in obtaining high-quality biopsy samples, maximizing the results and minimizing the cost.Details the biopsy process step by stepIncludes a submission checklist to assure thoroughnessHelps clinicians avoid errors when collecting biopsy samplesEnsures high-quality samples for improved results and reduced costsProvides practical, clinically oriented information

Table of Contents
Preface: Why maximizing your biopsy results is important viiAcknowledgments ixSteps of a Successful Biopsy Submission 11 Collection 1 i Site 1ii Size 1iii Number 13iv Fixation 16v Labeling and packaging 212 Submission form 23 i Signalment and clinical history 24ii Lesion description 25iii Differential diagnosis and specific questions 253 Clinicopathologic correlation 25 Organ System Specific Guidelines 271 Skin 272 Mammary 323 Oral 344 Gastrointestinal tract 35 5 Liver 38 6 Pancreas 39 7 Spleen 40 8 Lymph nodes 42 9 Bone 43 10 Digits 46 11 Eyes 47 12 Urinary 47 i Kidney 47ii Bladder and urethra 4913 Respiratory 51 i Nasal 51ii Lung 5214 Reproductive 52 i Female 52ii Male 5415 Endocrine 54 i Thyroid 54ii Adrenal gland 55iii Parathyroid gland 5516 Central nervous system 55 17 Skeletal muscle 56 18 Miscellaneous 58 i Anal sacs 58ii Synovium 58Biopsy Submission Check List 59List of Biopsy Dos and Don&ts 61References 63Additional Reading 65Index 67