Essentials Of Human Disease In Dentistry

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A comprehensive guide to providing effective dental treatment and care to patients affected by diseases Essentials of Human Disease in Dentistry,Second Editiontakes an integrated approach to dentistry and how it relates to general medicine, surgery, pharmacology, therapeutics, pathology and microbiology.  Building on the success of theTextbook of Human Disease in Dentistry, this new edition has been updated with a new layout, featuring key topics, learning objectives and practical clinical advice in each chapter.This accessible guide is structured around the systems of the body and covers all major diseases and conditions with their aetiology, symptoms, and treatments. The focus is on the relevance of particular diseases and their drug treatment in relation to dentistry and patient dental management.This vital resource:Promotes a better understanding of how to provide effective dental treatment to patients affected by diseasesPresents illustrative examples and helpful clinical photographs throughoutIncludes a new chapter on the importance of understanding shockFeatures self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter, and a companion website hosting downloadable images from the bookEssentials of Human Disease in Dentistry,Second Editionis an invaluable resource for undergraduate dentistry students as well as newly qualified dentists preparing for the MFDS exam. 

Table of Contents
Contributors viiiPreface to the first edition xiPreface to the second edition xiiAcknowledgements xiiiAbout the companion website xiv1 Clinical examination and history taking 1<
/>M Greenwood2 Inflammation and anti‑inflammatory drugs 11<
/>CM Robinson and RA Seymour3 Principles of infection and infection control 21<
/>S Waugh, E Ong, S Hogg, K Orr, JG Meechan, RA Seymour, M Greenwood, C Taylor and G Toms3A Sterilisation, disinfection and antiseptics 223B Principles of infection and infection control, diagnosis and treatment of bacterial infections 273C Viruses and antiviral agents relevant to dentistry 383D Infection with immunodeficiency virus and implications for the oral cavity: Infection with HIV 463E Fungi and antifungal agents 534 Immunological disease 55<
/>C Stroud and H Bourne5 Cardiovascular disorders 67<
/>RH Jay, G Stansby, T Barakat, RA Seymour, JG Meechan, CM Robinson, M Greenwood, S Hogg and ABalakrishnan5A Introduction to cardiovascular disease (CVD) 685B Heart failure 785C Cardiac arrhythmias 815D Valvular heart disease 845E Hypertension 875F Anticoagulants, drugs affecting blood clotting 925G Dental implications of CVD 955H Peripheral vascular and cardiac surgical disorders 976 Respiratory disorders 107<
/>SJ Bourke and M Greenwood7 Gastrointestinal disorders 120<
/>M Greenwood, JG Meechan and JR Adams8 Renal disorders 131<
/>EK Montgomery, JA Sayer, AL Brown and M Greenwood9 Neurology and special senses 145<
/>M Greenwood, RI Macleod, RH Jay, JG Meechan, P Griffiths, N Ali and RJ Banks9A Neurology 1469B ENT 1529C Neurological disorders and dental practice 1559D Stroke, speech and swallowing 1619E Ophthalmology 1659 F Anticonvulsant and anti']Parkinsonian drugs 17010 Shock 173<
/>S Clark11 Musculoskeletal disorders 179<
/>F Birrell, M Greenwood and RH Jay12 Dermatology and mucosal lesions 194<
/>K Staines13 Endocrinology and diabetes 208<
/>RH Jay, M Greenwood and JG Meechan14 Pain and anxiety control 222<
/>CC Currie, J Durham and JG Meechan15 Adverse drug reactions and interactions 234<
/>RA Seymour and M Greenwood16 General oncology 251<
/>CM Robinson and PJ Thomson17 Child health 265<
/>FE Hogg and RR Welbury18 Medicine for the elderly 277<
/>RH Jay19 Psychiatric disorders 283<
/>SJ Brown, M Greenwood and JG Meechan19A General psychiatry 28419B Drug abuse 30419C Anxiolytic and hypnotic drugs 30720 Haematology 309<
/>J Hanley, A Lennard and S Mathia20A General haematology, haemato']oncology 31020B Haemostasis 32220C Transfusion medicine 32921 Medical emergencies 334<
/>M GreenwoodAppendix: normal reference ranges 346Index 347