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The classic quick reference to feline medicine with essential information on diseases, behavior, clinical procedures, and more Comprehensive yet accessible, this fully updated new edition ofThe Feline Patientoffers more than 300 chapters covering all aspects of feline veterinary practice. The book arranges topics alphabetically within sections, allowing busy clinicians to rapidly find information on diagnostics and treatment options, all specific to the unique needs of cats. Omitting lengthy discussions on pathophysiology in favor of an emphasis on clinically relevant information for diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis, the book&s approach is carefully designed for use in the clinical setting. The Feline Patient, Fifth Editionincludes 30 additional chapters, along with new clinical pearls providing observations about diseases and procedures gleaned by Dr. Norsworthy over his forty-five years of clinical practice, which are called out in boxes. With clinically oriented images throughout, this edition reorganizes several sections in order to accommodate and better present the massive amount of important information.  Includes chapters written by a global list of contributors for an international perspectiveProvides new clinical pearls providing useful advice for practicePresents an improved layout and page design for ease of navigationOffers a new companion website offering hundreds of additional images as well as video clips of clinical cases and proceduresThe Feline Patient, Fifth Editionis an essential resource for all veterinary practitioners who work with feline patients, as well as veterinary students.

Table of Contents
Table of ContentsFounding AuthorsContributorsPreface Norsworthy NotesSection 1: Diseases & Conditions 1. Acetaminophen Toxicosis Sharon Fooshee Grace 2. Acne Jason B. Pieper 3. Acromegaly Sharon Fooshee Grace 4. Actinomycosis Sharon Fooshee Grace 5. Adenocarcinoma and Carcinoma John Thomason 6. Amyloidosis Andrew Sparkes 7. Anal Sac Disease Gary D. Norsworthy & Anne Romeo8. Anaplasmosis Sharon Fooshee Grace 9. Anemia  Sharon Fooshee Grace 10. Anorexia Elaine Wexler-Mitchell 11. Aortic Stenosis Larry P. Tilley 12. Arrhythmias Michael S. Miller Larry P. Tilley13. Ascites Larry P. Tilley 14. Aspergillosis Sharon Fooshee Grace 15. Aspirin Toxicosis Sharon Fooshee Grace 16. Atopic Dermatitis Sarah O'Neill 17. Bartonellosis John Thomason 18. Basal Cell Tumor Bradley R. Schmidt 19. Biliary Cysts Michele Fradin-Ferme 20. Bite Wounds by Canines Gary D. Norsworthy & Lisa M. Restine21. Bite Wounds by Felines  Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo22. Blastomycosis  Sharon Fooshee Grace 23. Blindness  Karen R. Brantman 24. Bordetella Infection Teija Kaarina Viita-aho 25. Brachial Plexus Neuropathy Gary D. Norsworthy& Lisa M. Restine26. Brachycephalic Syndrome Ryan Butler , Mac Maxwell & Gary D. Norsworthy27. Bronchial Disease, Chronic Elaine Wexler-Mitchell 28. Calicivirus Infection Gary D. Norsworthy & Anne Romeo29. Carcinomatosis  Bradley R. Schmidt 30. Cataracts   Charles H. Bonney 31. Ceruminous Gland Disease Elaine Wexler-Mitchell 32. Cervical Ventroflexion  Elizabeth J. Colleran 33. Chlamydophila Infection Teija Karrina Viita-aho 34. Chylothorax  Gary D. Norsworthy & Lisa M. Restine35. Cobalamin Deficiency Jörg M. Steiner 36. Coccidiomycosis Sharon Fooshee Grace 37. Coccidiosis  Elizabeth J. Colleran 38. Constipation/Obstipation Sharon Fooshee Grace 39. Corneal Ulcers  Gwen H. Sila & Casey C. Robinson40. Coughing  Gary D. Norsworthy & Anne Romeo41. Cryptococcosis  Sharon Fooshee Grace 42. Cryptosporidiosis Jennifer Lavallee 43. Cutaneous Makers of Systemic Disease  Jason B. Pieper 44. Cutere
a Sharon Fooshee Grace 45. Cystitis, Idiopathic Tatiana Weissova and Gary D. Norsworthy  46. Cytauxzoonosis   Jennifer Lavallee& Gary D. Norsworthy47. Dermatophytosis Sarah O'Neill 48. Diabetes Insipidus Andrew Sparkes 49. Diabetes Mellitus, Chronic Complications Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine50. Diabetes Mellitus, Loose Control  Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo51. Diabetes Mellitus, Tight Control & Remission Audrey Cook 52. Diabetes Mellitus, Traditional Control Audrey Cook 53. Diabetic Ketoacidosis Audrey Cook 54. Diaphragmatic Hernia Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo55. Diarrhea John Thomason 56. Digital Diseases  Elizabeth J. Colleran 57. Dilated Cardiomyopathy Larry P. Tilley 58. Draining Tracts & Nodules Sarah O'Neill 59. Dysautonomia  Karen Lovelace Tofte 60. Dyspnea Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine61. Dystocia Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo62. Dysuria/Pollakiuria/Stranguria  Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine63. Ear Mites Sharon Fooshee Grace 64. Envenomization: Arachnids Tatiana Weissova  65. Envenomization: Insects Tatiana Weissova  66. Envenomization: Snakes Tatiana Weissova  67. Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex Sarah O'Neill 68. Eosinophilic Keratitis Lindsey Pelych  Gwen H. Sila69. Esophageal Disease Andrew Sparkes 70. Ethylene Glycol Toxicity Tatiana Weissova  Gary D. Norsworthy71. Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency Jörg M. Steiner 72. Eyelid Diseases & Surgery Lindsey N. Pelych  Gwen H. Sila73. Feline Enteric Coronavirus Infection Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo74. Feline Immunodefic Virus Sharon Fooshee Grace 75. Feline Infectious Peritonitis Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine76. Feline Leukemia Virus DZ Fernanda Vieira Amorim da Costa  Gary D. Norsworthy77. Femoral Neck Osteopathy Justin Harper 78. Fever   Jennifer Lavallee 79. Flea Allergic Dermatitis  Jason B. Pieper 80. Fleas  Sharon Fooshee Grace 81. Flukes: Liver, Biliary, Pancreatic  Gary D. Norsworthy & Anne Romeo82. Food Reaction Jason B. Pieper 83. Giardia  Jennifer Lavallee 84. Glaucoma  Charles Bonney 85. Glomerulonephritis Gary D. Norsworthy & Lisa M. Restine86. Granulosa Cell Tumor Fernanda Vieira Amorim da Costa  Heloisa Justen Moreira de Souza87. Heartworm Disease & HARD Jane E. Brunt 88. Heinz Body-Methemoglobinemia Sharon Fooshee Grace 89. Helicobacter Infection Courtney North 90. Hemangiosarcoma Bradley R. Schmidt 91. Hemoplasmosis Sharon Fooshee Grace 92. Hepatic Lipidosis Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo93. Hepatitis, Inflammatory  Sharon Fooshee Grace 94. Herpesvirus Infection Sharon Fooshee Grace 95. High-Rise Syndrome Elizabeth J. Colleran 96. Histoplasmosis Sharon Fooshee Grace 97. Hookworms Jennifer Lavallee 98. Horner's Syndrome Sharon Fooshee Grace 99. Hydronephrosis Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine100. Hyperadrenocorticism  Karen Lovelace Tofte 101. Hyperaldosteronism/Conn's DZ  Andrew Sparkes 102. Hypercalcemia  Michele Fradin-Freme 103. Hypereosinophilic Syndrome Sharon Fooshee Grace 104. Hyperesthesia syndrome Jennifer Lavallee 105. Hyperkalemia  Michele Fradin-Freme 106. Hyperparathyroidism Fernanda Vieira Amorim da Costa 107. Hypertension, Systemic  Beate Egner 108. Hypertensive Cardiomyopathy  Beate Egner 109. Hyperthyroidism Jennifer Lavallee James K. Olson Gary D. Norsworthy110. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Larry P. Tilley 111. Hypoadrenocorticism  Karen Lovelace Tofte 112. Hypoalbuminemia  Sharon Fooshee Grace 113. Hypocalcemia  Karen Lovelace Tofte 114. Hypokalemia  Audrey Cook 115. Hypomagnesemia Michele Fradin-Freme 116. Hypophosphatemia Stephanie Gandy Murphy 117. Icterus  Sharon Fooshee Grace 118. Idiopathic Ulcerative Dermatitis  Jason B. Pieper 119. Ileus Anthony P. Carr 120. Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia Anthony P. Carr 121. Inflammatory Bowel Disease Courtney North 122. Inflammatory Polyps and Masses Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo123. Intraocular Tumors Karen R. Brantman 124. Ischemic Encephalopathy Sharon Fooshee Grace 125. Keratitis & Conjunctivitis  Charles H. Bonney 126. Kidneys: Abnormal Size Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine127. Laryngeal Disease Andrew Sparkes 128. Leprosy Syndrome Sharon Fooshee Grace 129. Linear Foreign Body Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo130. Lumbosacral Disease Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo131. Lung Parasites  Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine132. Lymphoma Bradley R. Schmidt 133. Malassezia Dermatitis/Otitis Jason B. Pieper 134. Mammary Gland Hyperplasia Gary D. Norsworthy 135. Mammary Gland Neoplasia Bradley R. Schmidt 136. Manx Syndrome Jennifer Lavallee 137. Mast Cell Tumor Bradley R. Schmidt 138. Megacolon  Anthony P. Carr 139. Meningioma  Sharon Fooshee Grace 140. Mesothelioma  Fernanda Vieira Amorim da Costa 141. Metaldehyde Toxicosis  Tatiana Weissova  142. Miliary Dermatitis Jason B. Pieper 143. Mitral Valve Dysplasia Larry P. Tilley 144. Mosquito Bite Hypersen Jason B. Pieper 145. Murmurs Larry P. Tilley Francis W. K. Smith, Jr.146. Myasthenia Gravis Paula Schuerer  Sharon Fooshee Grace147. Mycobacterial Disease Sharon Fooshee Grace 148. Myiasis  Elizabeth J. Colleran 149. Nasal & Frontal Sinus Disease Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine150. Nasopharyngeal Disease Arnold Plotnick 151. Neonatal Isoerythrolysis Sharon Fooshee Grace 152. Neurogenic Bladder Sharon Fooshee Grace 153. Nocardiosis Sharon Fooshee Grace 154. Obesity Christopher Simpson 155. Oral Neoplasia Bradley R. Schmidt 156. Organophosphate & Carbamate Toxicosis Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine157. Osteoarthritis Andrew Sparkes 158. Otitis Externa Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo159. Otitis Media/Interna Sharon Fooshee Grace 160. Ovarian Remnant Syndrome Erin O&Docharty Dresner 161. Palatine Arterial Bleeding Richard Malik 162. Pancreatitis, Acute Jörg Steiner 163. Pancreatitis, Chronic Jörg Steiner 164. Panleukopenia Sharon Fooshee Grace 165. Panniculitis Anthony P. Carr 166. Paraneoplastic Syndrome John Thomason 167. Patent Ductus Arteriosis Larry P. Tilley 168. Pectus Excavatum Sharon Fooshee Grace 169. Pemphigus Foliaceous Sarah O'Neill 170. Perinephric Pseudocysts Amorim 171. Peritonitis, Septic Sharon Fooshee Grace 172. Plague (Yersinia pestis) Sharon Fooshee Grace 173. Plant Toxicities Karen Lovelace Tofte 174. Pleural Effusion Gary D. Norsworthy 175. Pneumothorax Gary D. Norsworthy 176. Pododermatitis - Lymphoplasmacytic Melanie J. Do
omylskyj, Richard Malik, Gary D. Norsworthy177. Polyarthritis, Infect-Immune Christopher Simpson 178. Polycystic Kidney Disease Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine179. Polyuria/Polydipsia John Thomason 180. Portosystemic Shunts Jonathan A. Lidbury 181. Pregnancy, Parturition, Lactation Teija Karrina Viita-aho 182. Pulmonary Fi
osis, Idiopathic Sharon Fooshee Grace 183. Pulmonic Stenosis Larry P. Tilley 184. Pyelonephritis Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo185. Pyometra and Mucometra Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine186. Pyothorax Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo187. Pyrethrin and Pyrethroid Toxicosis Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine188. Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency in Somalis and Abbys Stella de Faria Valle 189. Rabies  Elizabeth J. Colleran 190. Recreational Drug Toxicosis Tatiana Weissova  191. Rectal Disease  Heloisa Justen  Katia Corgozinho 192. Refeeding Syndrome Karen Lovelace Tofte 193. Renal Disease, Chronic Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine194. Renal Failure, Acute Sharon Fooshee Grace 195. Restrictive Cardiomyopathy Michael S. Miller Larry P. Tilley196. Retinal Disease Karen R. Brantman 197. Rodenticide toxicosis Jennifer Lavallee 198. Roundworms Jennifer Lavallee 199. Salmonellosis John Thomason 200. Sarcoma, Injection Site Sharon Fooshee Grace 201. Sarcomas, Other (not injection site) John Thomason 202. Scottish Fold Osteochrondodysplasia Sharon Fooshee Grace 203. Seizures Sharon Fooshee Grace 204. Skin Parasites Jason B. Pieper 205. Small Bowel Disease Gary D. Norsworthy 206. Sporotrichosis Jennifer Lavallee 207. Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Cutaneous Bradley R. Schmidt 208. Stomach Worms John Thomason 209. Stomatitis-Gingivitis Elaine Wexler-Mitchell 210. Stud Tail Jason B. Pieper 211. Tail Injury Sharon Fooshee Grace 212. Tapeworms Jennifer Lavallee 213. Temporomandibular Joint Disease Gary D. Norsworthy 214. Tetanus  Sharon Fooshee Grace 215. Tetralogy of Fallot Michael S. Miller 216. Thiamine Deficiency Gary D. Norsworthy 217. Third Eyelid Disease & Surgery Michael C. West  Gwen H. Sila218. Thromboembolic Disease Larry P. Tilley 219. Thymoma Bradley R. Schmidt 220. Tooth Resorption Jan Bellows 221. Toxoplasmosis Gary D. Norsworthy 222. Tracheal Disease Andrew Sparkes 223. Triad Disease  Anthony P. Carr 224. Trichobezoars  Elaine Wexler-Mitchell 225. Tritrichomonas  Jennifer Lavallee 226. Ureteral Obstruction Rhett Marshall  Marcus Gunew227. Urethral Obstruction Rhett Marshall  Marcus Gunew228. Urinary Bladder Tumors  Bradley R. Schmidt 229. Urolithiasis Gary D. Norsworthy 230. Uveitis Michael C. West  Gwen H. Sila231. Ventricular Septal Defects Larry P. Tilley 232. Vestibular Syndrome Elaine Wexler-Mitchell 233. Viral Dermatitis  Jason B. Pieper 234. Vitamin A Toxicosis Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo235. Vitamin D Toxicosis Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine236. Vomiting Jennifer Lavallee 237. Wt. Loss Including PP WL Anthony P. Carr 238. Zoonotic diseases Jennifer LavalleeSection 2: Behavior   239. Aggression Towards Humans De
a F. Horwitz  Amy L. Pike240. Aggression - Intercat De
a F. Horwitz  Amy L. Pike241. Behavioral Pharmaceuticals De
a F. Horwitz  Amy L. Pike242. Environmental Enrichment - Home De
a F. Horwitz  Amy L. Pike243. Environmental Enrichment - Hospital Gary D. Norsworthy Linda Schmeltzer244. Housesoiling De
a F. Horwitz  Amy L. Pike245. Psychogenic Alopecia De
a F. Horwitz  Amy L. Pike246. Urine Marking De
a F. Horwitz  Amy L. PikeSection 3: Surgery 247. Bulla Osteotomy, Ventral Approach Don R. Waldron 248. Colectomy Don R. Waldron 249. Corneal Surgery  Gwen H. Sila 250. Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture Ryan Butler  Mac Maxwell251. Cryptorchid Surgery Ryan Butler  Mac Maxwell252. Dental Extractions Jan Bellows 253. Esophagostomy Tube Placement Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo254. Frontal Sinus Obliteration Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine255. Gastrostomy Tube Placement Don R. Waldron 256. Hypothermia Prevention Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo257. Jejunostomy Tube Placement Don R. Waldron 258. Laparotomy for CSBD Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine259. Laser Surgery, CO2 John C. Godbold, Jr. 260. Lip Avulsion Replacement Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo261. Luxating Patella Otto Lanz 262. Mandibujlar Symphyseal Separation Don R. Waldron 263. Mastectomy Don R. Waldron 264. Maxillomandibular Stabilization Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo265. Nasopharyngeal Mass Removal Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine266. Nephrolith Removal Don R. Waldron 267. Onychectomy Don R. Waldron 268. Oronasal Fistula Repair Heloisa Justen  Katia Corgozinho269. Pain Management Sabine Tacke 270. Perivulvar Skin Fold Removal Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo271. Ranula Gary D. Norsworthy 272. Rhinotomy Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine273. Skin Flaps, Local Ryan Butler  Mac Maxwell274. Thoracostomy Tube Placement Don R. Waldron 275. Thyroidectomy Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo276. Total Ear CA & Lateral Bulla Osteotomy Don R. Waldron 277. Urethrostomy, Perineal  Don R. Waldron 278. Urethrostomy, Perineal: Repair  Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine279. Urethrostomy, Prepubic  Don R. Waldron 280. Uretrotomy   Don R. Waldron 281. Urinary Bladder Marsupialization/Cystostomy Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. RestineSection 4: Cytology 282. Adenocarcinoma Amy C. Valenciano  Rick L. Cowell283. Ascites  Katy Jacocks 284. Atypical Bacterial Infections Katy Jacocks Amy C. Valenciano Rick L. Cowell285. Hepatic Lipidosis Katy Jacocks Amy C. Valenciano Rick L. Cowell286. Inflammation vs. Neoplasia Katy Jacocks Amy C. Valenciano Rick L. Cowell287. Lymph Node Disease Katy Jacocks Amy C. Valenciano Rick L. Cowell288. Lymphoma Amy C. Valenciano  Rick L. Cowell289. Mast Cell Tumor Amy C. Valenciano  Rick L. Cowell290. Plasma Cell Inflammation and Neoplasia  Katy Jacocks  Rick L. Cowell291. Pleural Effusion Amy C. Valenciano Rick L. Cowell292. Sample Staining Amy C. Valenciano Rick L. Cowell293. Sarcoma Amy C. Valenciano Rick L. Cowell294. Systemic Fungal Disease Katy Jacocks, Amy C. Valenciano,  Rick L. Cowell295. Transtracheal Wash Hemosiderosis Katy Jacocks, Amy C. Valenciano , Rick L. CowellSection 5: Clinical Procedures 296. Blood Gas Analysis Eduardo Raposo Monteiro& Fernanda Vieira Amorim da Costa297. Blood Transfusion Sharon Fooshee Grace 298. Bone Marrow Aspiration John Thomason 299. Cardiopulmonary Arrest  Medora B. Pashmakova 300. Central Venous Catheterization  Medora B. Pashmakova 301. Cere
ospinal Fluid Collection Sharon Fooshee Grace 302. Endoscopic Applications  Audrey Cook 303. Enteral Nutrition Anthony P. Carr 304. Euthanasia Elizabeth J. Colleran 305. Fine Needle Biopsy John Thomason 306. Fluid Therapy Sharon Fooshee Grace 307. Fluid Therapy in Emergencies Fernanda Vieira Amorim da Costa Leandro Fadel308. Jugular Blood Collection  Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo309. Lymphoma, Chemotherapy Bradley R. Schmidt 310. Ophthalmic Exam Karen R. Brantman 311. Orogastric Tube Feeding Gary D. Norsworthy Anne Romeo312. Radioiodine Therapy for HT Jennifer Lavallee James K. Olson Gary D. Norsworthy313. Restraint Devices & Techniques  Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine314. Testing Procedures Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. RestineSection 6: Topics of Special Interest 315. Age Approximation Karen Lovelace Tofte 316. Aging Changes Fernanda Vieira Amorim da Costa 317. Body Surface Area Conversion Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine318. Calcitriol in Feline Patients Joao Felipe de Brito Galvao  Dennis J. Chew 319. Catnip Effects Sharon Fooshee Grace 320. Echocardiographic Tables Larry P. Tilley Francis W. K. Smith, Jr.321. Electrocardiographic Tables Larry P. Tilley Francis W. K. Smith, Jr.322. End of Life Issues William Ray Folger 323. Genetic Diseases Jerold S. Bell 324. History of Feline Medicine Gary D. Norsworthy 325. Normal Laboratory Values Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine Anne Romeo326. Nutrition De
a L. Zoran 327. Palliative & Hospice Care Alice E. Villalobos 328. Polydactylism Sharon Fooshee Grace 329. Pulse Wave Analysis Beate Egner 330. Purring  Sharon Fooshee Grace 331. Vi
issae Sharon Fooshee Grace 332. Drug Formulary Gary D. Norsworthy Lisa M. Restine Anne RomeoIndex Gary D. Norsworthy