Dental Management Of The Pregnant Patient

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Author Skouteris, Christos A (Ed)
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Dental Management of the Pregnant Patientis the first book to focus on treating dental patients during pregnancy.The first book to compile all of the knowledge for managing pregnant patients into a single sourceOffers a comprehensive approach to the physiological changes in pregnancy, clinical considerations for treating pregnant patients, and discussion of medical emergenciesCovers medications, oral disease, tumors, trauma, management of gynecological emergencies, and more

Table of Contents
Preface xiAcknowledgments xiiiList of Contributors xv1 Ethical Issues in the Treatment of the Pregnant Patient 1<
/> Christos A. SkouterisReferences 3Further Reading 32 Physiologic Changes and Their Sequelae in Pregnancy 5<
/> Christos A. SkouterisCardiovascular 5Respiratory 6Hematologic 8Gastrointestinal 10Genitourinary 12Endocrine 14Immunologic 15Dermatologic 16Musculoskeletal 17Psychologic and Behavioral Changes 17References 18Further Reading 193 Implications of Physiologic Changes in the Dental Management of the Pregnant Patient 25<
/> Christos A. SkouterisCardiovascular Changes: Management Considerations 25Respiratory Changes: Management Considerations 25Hematologic Changes: Management Considerations 26Gastrointestinal Changes: Management Considerations 27Genitourinary Changes: Management Considerations 28Endocrine Changes: Management Considerations 28Immunologic Changes: Management Considerations 29Dermatologic Changes: Management Considerations 29Musculoskeletal Changes: Management Considerations 30Psychologic and Behavioral Changes: Management Considerations 31Reference 31Further Reading 314 General Principles for the Comprehensive Treatment of the Pregnant Patient 33<
/> Christos A. SkouterisRecording of Pregnancy Status before Treatment 33Diagnostic Imaging Modalities in Pregnancy 34Medications, Substance Abuse, and Their Implications in the DentalManagement of the Pregnant Patient 38Procedural Sedation (Oral, N2O, Intravenous) 57General Anesthesia 60References 64Further Reading 655 Dental and Oral Diseases in Pregnancy 71<
/> Christos A. SkouterisPrenatal Counseling and Prevention 71Further Reading 736 Dental, Oral, and Maxillofacial Diseases and Conditions and Their Treatment 75 Treatment of Dental Disease 75<
/>Benjamin Craig CornwallOdontogenic Oral and Maxillofacial Infections in Pregnancy 85<
/>Kyriaki C. MartiBenign Diseases and Conditions 90<
/>Christos A. SkouterisManagement of Oral and Maxillofacial Malignancy in Pregnancy 93<
/>James Murphy and Brent B. WardManagement of Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma in Pregnancy 100<
/>Igor Makovey and Sean P. EdwardsReferences 106Further Reading 1067 Postnatal Considerations 113<
/> Kyriaki C. MartiMedical Contraindications to Breastfeeding 113Breastfeeding and Infant Oral Health 113Procedures and Medications During Breastfeeding 115References 121Further Reading 1228 Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) in Pregnancy 125<
/> Kyriaki C. MartiCardiac Arrest in Pregnancy 125BLS 125ACLS 126FurtherReading 1289 Obstetric']Gynecologic Emergencies 129<
/> Christos A. SkouterisHypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy 129Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy 131VaginalBleeding in Pregnancy 134Labor and On']Scene Delivery 135Further Reading 142Appendices 143Appendix 1 Cardiovascular Changes 145Appendix 2 Cardiovascular Changes 146Appendix 3 Respiratory Changes 147Appendix 4 Hematologic Changes 148Appendix 5 Gastrointestinal Changes 149Appendix 6 Genitourinary Changes 150Appendix 7 Endocrine Changes: Insulin Gestational Activity 151Appendix 8 OB-GYN Emergencies 152Appendix 9 OB-GYN Emergencies 153Appendix 10 OB-GYN Emergencies 154Appendix 11 Most Important Physiologic Changes Per Trimester of Pregnancy 155Appendix 12 Management of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Pregnancy 156Appendix 13 Management of Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma in Pregnancy 159Reader&s Self']Assessment Quiz 161Index 169