Gmat Official Guide 2019 Verbal Review

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A supplement to the Official Guide with 300 additional verbal questions <
/>The GMAT Official Guide 2019 Verbal Review provides additional practical preparation focused on the verbal portion of the exam. Written by the Graduate Management Admission Council, this guide contains 300 real GMAT questions from past exams, including 45 never-before-seen questions, plus the following features:An overview of the exam to help you get familiar with the content and formatComprehensive grammar reviewDetailed answer explanations that explain how the test maker thinks about a questionQuestions organized in order of difficulty from easiest to hardest to focus your studyAccess to the same questions online at, where you can build your own practice setsDon&t waste time practicing on fake GMAT questions. Optimize your study time with the GMAT Official Guide 2019 Verbal Review using real questions from actual past exams.

Table of Contents
Letter from the President and CEO, GMAC®v 1.0 What is the GMAT®Exam? 2 1.0 What Is the GMAT®Exam? 31.1 Why Take the GMAT®Exam? 31.2 GMAT®Exam Format 41.3 What Is the Content of the Test Like? 61.4 Analytical Writing Assessment 61.5 Integrated Reasoning Section 61.6 Quantitative Section 71.7 Verbal Section 71.8 What Computer Skills Will I Need? 71.9 What Are the Test Centers Like? 81.10 How Are Scores Calculated? 81.11 Test Development Process 92.0 How to Prepare 10 2.0 How to Prepare 112.1 How Should I Prepare to Take the Test? 112.2 What About Practice Tests? 112.3 Where Can I Get Additional Practice? 122.4 General Test-Taking Suggestions 123.0 Reading Comprehension 14 3.0 Reading Comprehension 153.1 What Is Measured 163.2 Test-Taking Strategies 183.3 The Directions 193.4 Sample Questions 203.5 Answer Key 603.6 Answer Explanations 614.0 Critical Reasoning 122 4.0 Critical Reasoning 1234.1 What Is Measured 1244.2 Test-Taking Strategies 1244.3 The Directions 1254.4 Sample Questions 1264.5 Answer Key 1644.6 Answer Explanations 1655.0 Sentence Correction 244 5.0 Sentence Correction 2495.1 Some Comments about How It Works 2495.2 The Eight Sentence Correction Categories 2505.3 Study Suggestions 2715.4 What Is Measured 2715.5 Test-Taking Strategies 2725.6 The Directions 2725.7 Sample Questions 2745.8 Answer Key 2995.9 Answer Explanations 3006.0 Verbal Question Index 366 7.0 GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review Online Index 372 Appendix A Answer Sheets 378Reading Comprehension Answer Sheet 379Critical Reasoning Answer Sheet 380Sentence Correction Answer Sheet 381