Dentist's Drug & Prescription Guide

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Item#: 9781119539346
Edition 02
Author Weinberg, Et Al.
Cover Paperback

The updated and authoritative reference to medications used in dental practice  

The revised and updated second edition ofThe Dentist's Drug and Prescription Guideoffers a practical and quick reference to medications commonly prescribed in dental practice.  With contributions from experts on the topic, this comprehensive book takes an accessible question-and-answer format, providing answers to common questions dentists ask about drugs. The most updated information on drugs is presented throughout, including the current antibiotic prophylaxis guidelines and newer osteoporosis drugs. 

A new section describes how to manage patients on medications, and includes new chapters on the important topics of opioid prescribing and abuse and pain management. Alternative effective medications for opioids are discussed in detail.  Putting all the prescription and drug information needed in daily dental practice at your fingertips,The Dentist's Drug and Prescription Guideis an essential reference for practicing dental clinicians and dental hygienists. This important book: 

Offers a comprehensive and accessible guide to essential information about medications used in dental practicePresents detailed information about drugs in an easy-to-use question-and-answer formatProvides answers to commonly asked questions about drugsRefers to current, evidence-based pharmacology information, tailored for the dental clinicianFeatures information on opioid prescribing and abuse and pain management 

Written for both general and specialist dentists and dental hygienists, the revised second edition ofThe Dentist's Drug and Prescription Guideis a must-have reference for the most current information available on medications used in the dental profession.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors vii

Preface ix

1 Introduction to Pharmacology 1

1.1 Definition of Terms 1

1.2 Pharmacokinetics 3

1.3 Pharmacodynamics 8

2 The Prescription and Drug Names 13

2.1 Parts of a Prescription 13

2.2 Generic Substitution 14

2.3 Controlled Drugs 16

2.4 Principles of Prescription Writing 18

2.5 How to Avoid Prescription Errors 24

3 Basic Prescribing and Drug Dosing for the Dental Patient 29

3.1 Basic Principles of Drug Dosing 29

3.2 Pediatric Patients 32

3.3 Pregnant and Nursing Patients 38

3.4 Elderly Patients 42

3.5 Patients with Renal Impairment 42

3.6 Patients with Hepatic Impairment 45

3.7 Patients with History of Bariatric Surgery 49

4 Dental Formularies: Drugs Prescribed in Dentistry 55

4.1 Antimicrobials, Systemic 55

4.2 Antimicrobials, Local 77

4.3 Controlled- Release Drug Delivery 79

4.4 Antivirals/ Antifungal Agents 79

4.5 Prescribing for Acute Dental Pain 87

4.6 Prevention and Management of Opioid Prescription Drug Misuse 111

4.7 Oral Sedation 112

4.8 Glucocorticosteroids 116

5 How to Manage Potential Drug Interactions in Dentistry 127

5.1 Introduction to Drug Interactions 127

5.2 Antibiotic&Drug Interactions in Dentistry 132

5.3 Analgesic& Drug Interactions in Dentistry 139

5.4 Sympathomimetic Agents and Drug Interactions in Dentistry 141

5.5 Antianxiety Drug Interactions in Dentistry 145

6 Evidence-Based Theory for Drug Prescribing in Dentistry 149

6.1 General Considerations 149

6.2 Prescribing for Inflammatory Periodontal Diseases and Periodontal Surgical Procedures 151

6.3 Prescribing for Dental Implant Surgery 160

6.4 Prescribing for Oral Surgery 164

6.5 Prescribing for Odontogenic Infections 164

7 Management of Medications Taken by Medically Complex Dental Patients 177

7.1 American Heart Association Guidelines for Antibiotic Prophylaxis 177

7.2 Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Total Joint Replacement 181

7.3 Cardiovascular Diseases (Marc A. Singer, MD) 183

7.4 Pregnant and Nursing Patient 204

7.5 Corticosteroids and Thyroid Medication 205

7.6 Asthma Medications 207

7.7 Diabetes Medication 209

7.8 Psychiatric and Neurological Medications 212

7.9 Organ Transplantation (Antirejection) Medications 226

7.10 Recreational and Illicit Drugs 229

7.11 Antiresorptive Agents 232

7.12 HIV/AIDS Research and Medications (Cheryl Barber, MPH, MSOD) 238

8 Herbal, Dietary, and Natural Remedies 271

8.1 Herbal&Drug Interactions 271

8.2 Implications in Dentistry 273

Appendix 1: Smoking Cessation Therapy 275

Appendix 2: Oral Manifestation of Drugs 281

Appendix 3: American Heart Association Antibiotic Prophylaxis Guidelines 287

Index 289