Nursing The Acutely Ill Adult: Priorities In Assessment...

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Nurses in all areas of clinical practice must be able to recognise, assess and manage changes to a patient's condition. With a strong focus on pathophysiology, the comprehensive new edition of this essential textbook retains the case study approach that made the first edition so popular with students and educators alike. Offering further reading resources and definitions of key terms to aid learning it develops nurses' key skills such as identifying and explaining the pathophysiology of sepsis; recognising and managing hypovolaemic shock; assessment and management of cardiovascular, neurological and traumatic injury; and understanding priorities in initial stroke assessment and management, including nursing care following administration of a thrombolytic drug.Written by contributors from a range of clinical and academic backgrounds,Nursing the Acutely Ill Adultis essential reading for all students within the adult
anch of nursing, a comprehensive book guide to understanding the common signs and symptoms related to serious acute illness in adults.<

Table of Contents
Introduction: The Importance Of Nursing Assessment In Acute Care; David Clarke.- 1. Principles Of Assessment-Application To Practice; Julie Jackson.- 2. Shock Presentation; Ian Goulden.- 3. Understanding Sepsis; Peter O'Donnell And Catherine Waskett.- 4. Traumatic Brain Injury; Ian Goulden And David Clarke.- 5. Acute Stroke; David Clarke And Pamela Beaumont.- 6. Acute Coronary Syndrome; Alison Malecki-Ketchell.- 7. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; Liz Cleave.- 8. Acute Kidney Injury; Mark Bevan.- 9. Small Bowel Obstruction; Beverley Gallacher.- 10. Diabetic Ketoacidosis; Paula Mayo And David Clarke.- 11. Care And Management In Liver Disorder Following Drug Misuse; Michelle Clayton.- 12. Musculoskeletal Trauma; Julia Maz.- Conclusion.<