Psychology Of Addiction

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Item#: 9781138207288
Edition 01
Author Svanberg, Jenny
Cover Paperback
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When does a harmless habit become an addition? Why do only some of us get addicted? What can make recovery possible?

The Psychology of Addictionis a fascinating introduction to the psychological issues surrounding addiction and the impact they have on social policy, recovery and an addict's everyday life. The book focuses on drug and alcohol addiction and tackles topics such as whether drug use always leads to addiction and the importance of social networks to recovery. It also looks at how people can become addicted to activities like gambling, gaming and sex.

In a society that still stigmatises addictionThe Psychology of Addictionemphasises the importance of compassion, and provides a sensitive insight to anyone with experience of addiction.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Addiction: from prejudice to compassion

Chapter 2. Is addiction a choice?

Chapter 3. If it's the drugs that are addictive, why doesn't everyone get addicted?

Chapter 4. You can teach an old dog new tricks: addiction and recovery

Chapter 5. Safety in numbers: nourishing the hungry ghosts

Chapter 6. Make love not war: if drug policy understood the science of compassion