Art Of Mingling: Fun & Proven Techniques For Mastering...

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Author Martinet, Jeanne
Cover Paperback
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Fully revised and updated-with Jeanne Martinet's trademark wit and practicality, The Art of Mingling hands you the keys to feeling at ease in any social situationDoes the idea of going to a large party make your mouth go dry? Are you more comfortable on Facebook than face-to-face? You're not alone: Ninety percent of the world suffers from minglephobia. Jeanne Martinet has developed a cure-a sure-fire system for overcoming fears and having a great time at any type of business or social gathering. Filled with simple techniques, tricks, tips, lines and maneuvers, and illustrated with entertaining examples, The Art of Mingling teaches you:* Basic survival strategies for the Truly Terrified<
>* Opening lines and gambits that really work<
>* Tools and rules for keeping the conversation going in the right direction<
>* The all-important etiquette of escape<
>* Faux pas recovery techniques<
>* How to avoid the dumb use of smartphones<
>* The secret to being a good listener<
>* The right way to follow up online<
>* and much, much more!