Good News About What's Bad For You...

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Author Wilser, Jeff
Cover Hardback
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Eat more steak, drink more whiskey, take more naps, lay off all the kale, and throw out your multivitamins and standing desk. InThe Good News About What's Bad For You...The Bad News About What's Good for Youauthor Jeff Wilser shares all the research that allows you to cele
ate all your vices and stop feeling bad about not
ushing your teeth after eating that extra slice of cake.This book has two sides to it: one sharing all the good news, then the flip side contains all the bad news, making this the perfect gift that people will want to share and commiserate over with friends.Told with wit, charm, and a large dose of humor, the author sprints through a
oad range of topics-from coffee to green tea, tequila to Vitamin Water, to apologizing and swearing. Wilser sifts through each study to reveal everything from the merits of procrastination to the downsides of yoga.In an age where so many people bend over backwards in pursuit of the most healthy and "pure" lifestyle,The Good News/The Bad Newsreminds readers to stop denying yourself pleasure and
ings back to the tried-and-true golden rule of "everything in moderation."