Tarascon Pain Pocketbook

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Author Motov, Sergey M.
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The Tarascon Pain Pocketbook is a must-have resource for physicians and medical professionals responsible for prescribing and administering pain medications, including emergency medical doctors, emergency nurses, family doctors, nurse practitioners, and perioperative nurses. Following the CERTA concept (Channels, Enzymes, Receptor Targeted Action) this pocketbook will help prescribers find that right balance of therapies and medications in the hope of reducing opiate use and promoting patient-specific, pain syndrome targeted analgesia. This targeted, patient-focused analgesic approach allows for a
oader utilization of combinations of non-opioid analgesics and more refined and judicious use of opioids. The new Tarascon Pain Pocketbook is an invaluable resource for the hundreds of thousands of prescribers who manage patients’ pain.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Abdominal Pain (Non-traumatic)
Chapter 2: Abdominal Pain (Traumatic)
Chapter 3: Back Pain (non-radicular)
Chapter 4: Back Pain (radicular)
Chapter 5: Burns
Chapter 6: Dental Pain
Chapter 7: Headache (Migraine, tension HA)
Chapter 8: MSK Pain (traumatic)
Chapter 9: MSK Pain (inflammatory)
Chapter 10: Neuropathic Pain (neuropathy, phantom pain, spasticity)
Chapter 11: Renal Colic
Chapter 12: Sickle Cell Disease vaso-occlusive pain crisis