Item Information
Item#: 9781324001485
Author Whelan, Charles
Cover Hardback

America is in trouble— at the mercy of an unknown pathogen. That ordinarily wouldn’t lead to catastrophe, thanks to modern medicine, but there’s just one problem: the government supply of Dormigen, the silver bullet of pharmaceuticals, has been depleted just as demand begins to spike.

Set in the near future, The Rationing centers around a White House struggling to quell the crisis— and control the narrative. Working together, just barely, are a savvy but preoccupied President; a Speaker more interested in jockeying for position— and a potential presidential bid— than attending to the minutiae of disease control; a patriotic Majority Leader unable to differentiate a virus from a bacterium; a Strategist with brilliant analytical abilities but abominable people skills; and, improbably, our narrator, a low- level scientist with the National Institutes of Health who happens to be the world’s leading expert in lurking viruses.

Political backstabbing, rank hypocrisy, and dastardly deception reign in this delightfully entertaining debut, sure to lift one’s spirits far above the national stage.