Texts From Mittens: A Cat Who Has An Unlimited Data Plan...

Item Information
Item#: 9781335474056
Author Bailey, Angie
Cover Hardback

Meet Mittens, the internet’s favorite text-happy cat. Based on the viral blog by award-winning author Angie Bailey,Texts from Mittensis a series of comical text messages exchanged between a snappy, self-absorbed cat and his long-suffering human. Mittens relentlessly hassles his human all day long, while only taking breaks to watchJudge Judy, hang with his best friend Stumpy, complain about the antics of Drunk Patty the neighbor, ask Grandma for money to buy useless items from QVC, and harass the “filthy beast” dog, Phil.

The perfect gift for cat lovers and feline fans,Texts from Mittensperfectly captures the thoughts, schemes, and commentary from the internet sensation and world’s favorite cat.