Mindfulness For Students

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Item#: 9781352002355
Edition 01
Author Cottrell
Cover Paperback

Using a unique combination of mindfulness-based techniques and study skills, this book shows students how to apply mindfulness to their studies and everyday life in simple, practical steps. It introduces a wealth of tools and techniques that can be applied to specific study contexts, such as listening in lectures, completing assignments and preparing for exams, and shows readers how mindfulness can help them to manage the stresses of student life more effectively. Chapters are rich in guided activities, meditations, observations and reflections, and full of engaging illustrations.

This hands-on guide to mindfulness is a must-read for students of all disciplines and backgrounds who are looking to bring a sense of calm to their lives and give their studying technique a boost. 

Table of Contents
Foreword.- Acknowledgements.- The Beauty of Mindfulness.- Introduction.- How to Use This Book.- PART I: WHAT IS MINDFULNESS?.- 1. Mindfulness as Experience.- 2. The Origins of Mindfulness.- 3. Mindfulness is....- 4. Why Mindfulness?.- 5. What Does Mindfulness Involve?.- 6. Why meditation and Where Does it Fit in?.- 7. What Can I Expect?.- 8. Evidence of the Benefits.- 9. How Mindfulness Can Help Students.- 10.- Are There Any Risks or Downsides?.- 11. Myths and Misconceptions About Mindfulness.- PART II: TECHNIQUE AND CONCEPTS.- 12. Introducing the Techniques.- 13. Starter Exercises.- 14. Just Noticing.- 15. Seeing With New Eyes.- 16. Appreciating Stillness.- 17. Awareness of Body and Breath.- 18. Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation.- 19. Managing the Challenges of Meditation.- 20. Inner Chatter and Judgemental Commentary.- 21. Metta Meditation.- 22. Metta in Everyday Life.- 23. Developing Your Practice.- 24. Meditating With Others.- 25. Mindfulness in Everyday Activities.- 26. Bringing Mindfulness Into Everyday Life.- 27. Tips on Technique.- 28. FAQs.- Sky-like Mind.- PART III: APPLYING MINDFULNESS TO STUDY.- 29. Applying Mindfulness to Study.- 30. Mindful 'Warm-up' to Study.- 31. Applying Metta to Study.- 32. Finding the Joy in Study.- 33. Want it? Hate it? Lost the Plot?.- 34. Managing Study Aversions.- 35. Wanting, Grasping, Craving.- 36. Self-Delusional Thinking About Study.- 37. Building Your Powers of Attention.- 38. Multi-Tasking - and Being 'Fully Present'.- 39. Listening Mindfully in Class.- 40. Using Study Time Mindfully.- 41. Reading Mindfully.- 42. Word Power: Mindfulness of Language.- 43. Mindfulness When Writing Assignments.- 44. Using Tutor Feedback Mindfully.- 45. Mindfulness for Tests, Exams and Assessment.- 46. Mindful Management of Stress, Anxiety and Set-Backs.- PART IV: RECORDS AND REFLECTIONS.- 47. Mindfulness and Reflection.- To-Do Checklist.- Prompts: Reflecting on Meditation Sessions.- Themes for Reflecting on Meditation Practice.- Record of Meditation Time.- Reflection on Mindfulness Practice (Outline).- Reflection on Deliberately Mindful Moments (DMMs).- References and Bibliography.- Index.- Mindfulness for Study and for Life.