Medical History

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This introductory textbook presents medical history as a theoretically rich discipline, one that constantly engages with major social questions about ethics, bodies, state power, disease, public health and mental disorder. Providing both instructors and students with an account of the changing nature of medical history research since it first emerged as a distinct discipline in 19thcentury Germany, this essential guide covers the theoretical development of medical history and evaluates the various approaches adopted by doctors, historians and sociologists.Synthesising historiographical material ranging from the 19th to 21st centuries, this is an ideal resource for postgraduate students from History and History of Medicine degrees taking courses on historiography, the theory of history and medical history.

Table of Contents
Preface.- 1. History of Medical History.- 2. Disease.- 3. Mental Well-Being.- 4. Health.- 5. Eating.- 6. Global Health.- 7. Patients.- 8. The limits of medicine: ethics and technologies.- 9. Conclusion.- Notes.- Glossary.- Index.