Lean Phd: Radically Improve The Efficiency, Quality...

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Item#: 9781352002829
Edition 01
Author Kirchherr
Cover Paperback

This book fundamentally challenges the way in which PhDs are currently pursued. It applies lean methodologies - which have been embraced by start-ups - to the doctoral research process. It explains how to apply techniques such as the minimal viable product (MVP) approach, rapid prototyping and pivoting to each stage, from choosing a topic to seeking feedback, in order to save time, make the process more efficient and demonstrate impact. Chapters are enriched with insights from PhD researchers, practical guidance on going lean and a wealth of empirical data which supports this new approach to postgraduate research.

This inspiring text is a must-read for prospective and current PhD students who wish to accelerate their careers in academia and beyond.

Table of Contents
Preface.- 1. The PhD as a Start-Up.- 2. Launching the PhD.- 3. Executing the PhD.- 4. Exiting the PhD.- 5. Towards Lean Science.- Afterword.