How To Use Your Reading In Your Essays

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Item#: 9781352002973
Edition 03
Author Godfrey
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How to Use your Reading in your Essays helps students through the process of effectively using their reading in essays, from how to quote, paraphrase and summarise sources, through to editing their work. It equips students with all the information, practice and confidence they need to use their reading effectively in writing and to get the best marks possible.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgements.- Introduction and example essay extract.- PART A: UNDERSTANDING YOUR READING.- How Do You Decide What to Read?.- How Do You Understand What You Read?.- How Do You Question What you Read?.- How Do You Compare and Connect What You Read?.- Writing to Understand Your Reading.- PART B: USING YOUR READING IN YOUR ESSAY.- Why and How Should You Quote?.- Why and How Should You Paraphrase?.- Why and How Should You Summarise?.- What Will Make Your Essay Original?.- Putting it All Together in Your Essays and Reports.- PART C: USEFUL WORDS AND PHRASES.- Using Verbs Precisely and Powerfully.- Discussing Authors' Position and Views.- Comparing and Connecting Different Authors.- Making Positive Comments.- Making Negative Comments.- PART D: CHECKING AND CORRECTION YOUR WORK.- Using a Clear Writing Style.- Re-expressing and Referencing Your Reading.- Checking Your Referencing.- Checking Your Grammar.- APPENDICES.- Complete Business Ethics Essay.- Answers to 'Over to You' Activities.- Definitions of Terms Used in this Book.- Dictionary Use, Register and Word Class.- Different Referencing Styles.- Vocabulary Index.- Subject Index.