Integrative Systemic Therapy: Metaframeworks For Problem Sol

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Author Pinsof Et Al
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Many psychotherapists today work in agencies where they see individuals, couples, and families from a variety of backgrounds who present with a
oad range of problems. Integrative Systemic Therapy (IST) is a framework for these professionals, whether they are training in the basics of therapy or are well established in their careers.<
>IST provides early-career therapists with a framework that guides their work and facilitates lifelong learning. It provides established therapists the opportunity to think outside the box of their established practice, using tools that facilitate more comprehensive care.<
>IST encourages a focused and efficient approach to problem-solving. It offers the means to continually assess the full complement of factors - psychological, biological, interactional, and cultural - that impact clients and their concerns. IST's blueprint for decision-making in therapy encourages practitioners to draw upon the valuable strategies of various theoretical models and empirically supported treatments.<
>The book offers a set of templates that enable therapists to navigate the course of therapy, as well as a treasure trove of case examples to illustrate how therapists can use the IST perspective to treat a wide variety of challenging problems.

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This book provides a comprehensive framework for individual, couple, and family therapy. It also offers practical guidelines for when and how to use strategies from various therapy models and empirically supported treatments.