Using Technology In Mental Health Practice

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Item#: 9781433829062
Author Magnavita, Jeffrey J
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This comprehensive guide describes evolving technologies in the field of mental and behavioral health. Contributors to this book demonstrate how technology fosters better access to care, through video teleconferencing systems, mental health-related apps, and other tools.<
>Technological advances can also lead to improved treatments, through virtual reality, neurofeedback, and other device-based protocols that complement pharmacological treatments and psychotherapy. Authors also illustrate the many ways technology can be used to further professional development, whether by improving the quality of one's work, or transforming research and clinical insights into innovative business practices.<
>There are many ways to provide technology-based or technology-assisted mental health services. This book helps clinical and counseling professionals determine which technological advances best align with their goals, and strategically consider how they will purchase new tools and train users, while ensuring clients' personal health information is protected.

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This volume describes technological advances that foster better access to mental and behavioral health care, improved treatment, and professional development for providers.